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The Universities from the Campus DLC have the ability to create Academic Works at the end of each academic year. Academic works are required in order to level up the campus area. Each Campus has three categories of academic works and can create up to 48 academic works, for a total of 144.

Each academic year, a University Campus has a chance to create one academic work per 500 students up to a maximum of four academic works that year. Each Campus has a base chance of 30%, and the probability can be increased by employing academic staff and constructing certain buildings.

Academic staff[edit]

A Campus may employ academic staff in order to boost the chances of creating an academic work. The minimum is five on staff for no additional cost, and up to 20 more may be hired at a cost of ₡1,000 each. Once all 48 works have been researched, there is no further use for the additional staff.


Each year, if desired, a Campus may fund research for ₡50,000 which will result in one additional academic work regardless of the number created by chance. The player may select which category to research, provided there are works remaining to be discovered in that category.

Buildings that increase chance of Academic Works[edit]

There are buildings for each campus type that can increase the chances by 5% each. Building more than one adds to the total.

Campus trade school icon.png Trade School Building Campus liberal arts school icon.png Liberal Arts Building Campus university icon.png University Building
Trade School Laboratories.png Trade School Laboratories Liberal Arts Laboratories.png Liberal Arts Laboratories University Laboratories.png University Laboratories
Trade School Media Lab.png Trade School Media Lab Liberal Arts Media Lab.png Liberal Arts Media Lab University Media Lab.png University Media Lab


Main article: Museums

Each Campus type has a unique museum available to construct once unlocked. When the Museums house the Academic Works they will increase city attractiveness.


There is an achievement for Academic Works.

Academic scholar.png Academic Scholar - Create 100 academic works.

This will require all three campus types, as the maximum academic works for any two is 96.