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DLC icon concerts.png Concerts
Concerts banner.jpg
Release date / Patch
2017-08-17 / 1.8

Store: Mini-Expansion
Cities: Skylines' release trailer for the "Concerts" DLC.

Concerts is a "mini-expansion" DLC that was announced on 2017-08-08 and released on 2017-08-17.[1][2]

On 2017-10-11 an announcement was made for a Concerts update which was released on 2017-10-19 alongside the "Green Cities" 1.9.0 patch.[3][4] It consisted of 3 new Unique Buildings which have certain synergies with the 'Festival Area' and the band performances, and an update to the animations of the crowds who come to enjoy the music.

Concerts is currently the only DLC that is on the PC version, but not on the Xbox and PlayStation versions. The reason Concerts was never released on console is unknown. The radio station is on Xbox and PlayStation, however.

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Cities: Skylines - Concerts is a mini-expansion for the award-winning city builder that gives players the power to plan and present major concerts.

Featuring music and images from Rock, EDM, and Pop/Folk bands - as well as a new music focused radio station - Concerts brings a more melodic component to the sounds of city life.

Your Backstage Pass

With Concerts, putting on a great show is about more than just the music. From new buildings to host your headliners to festival management options that encourage ticket sales, creating advertising campaigns, driving band popularity, optimizing security budgets and more, Concerts puts players in control of everything from the front of house to backstage.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • New music from in-game bands - NESTOR, Elijha MOTi, and Lily La Roux add their musical gifts to the Cities: Skylines soundtrack via the new music focused radio station “Live”. 100% music with no interruptions!
  • New Festival Area Building - Level-up your festival grounds to accommodate better shows and bigger crowds.
  • Concert-focused City Ordinances - Support your festival ambitions with new laws and budget options to promote concerts and monetize the crowds.
  • Unique Buildings - Three new Unique Buildings: "Fan Zone Park", "Music Club", "Media Broadcast Building".

Unique Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Festival Area upgradeable concert area.
  • Fan Zone Park increases the concert success chance by 5%.
  • Music Club increases the ticket sales of the concerts by 10%.
  • Media Broadcast Building increases the effectiveness of active Ad Campaigns by 20%.

Official screenshots[edit | edit source]

Info Panel Settings[edit | edit source]

The 'Concerts Info Panel' is where all settings are adjusted, and is accessed by clicking on the "Festival Area". The controls are:

  • Color setting for the Festival Area
  • Policies
  • Security budget
  • Ticket prices
  • Upgrade buttons

An "On/Off" control and a "Relocate Building" button are also on this panel and function like all others in game.

Color Setting[edit | edit source]

The color setting is strictly cosmetic and may be set by the player by clicking on the small square in the lower right of the Festival Area image on the info panel. This will open a color selector like the ones used elsewhere in the game. The square shows the currently selected color.

Policies[edit | edit source]

The "Concerts" policies are accessed by clicking on the "Festival Area", and are not available from the normal policies window. The policies are city-wide only, and icons will appear on all districts if activated.

Ad campaign.png Ad Campaign - Advertise the Festival to attract more visitors. Increases all band popularity by +1 per month. Cost: ₡9,000/week.

Premium studio.png Premium Studio - A Premium Studio will increase the chances of a successful concert. Cost: ₡3,000/week.

Security Budget[edit | edit source]

The "Security Budget" for the Festival Area is set with a slider (₡0 - ₡2,000/week).

Ticket Prices[edit | edit source]

Ticket prices for each of the three performers can be independently adjusted (₡10 - ₡50). Lowering ticket prices may draw a larger crowd, but may also lower the popularity of the band.[5]

Upgrade Buttons[edit | edit source]

There are two upgrade buttons on the panel which allow the player to upgrade the Festival Area.

Info Panel Data[edit | edit source]

The info panel also shows information about the Festival Area:

  • Capacity of Festival Area
  • Current number of visitors
  • Current weekly upkeep cost
  • Now Playing (if applicable)
  • Upcoming concert dates
  • Ticket Sales income from the two most recently past concerts
  • Popularity changes from the two most recently past concerts
  • Current popularity of all three bands
  • Policy Expenses

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

The first level of Festival Area has no prerequisites other than the "Tiny Town" milestone being reached in the current city. It is found in the "Concerts" tab of the "Unique Buildings" menu and is placed like any other Unique Building. There are two additional levels, and upgrading to them changes the appearance of the Festival Area and it also increases the capacity. Upgrading first requires that some prerequisites be met, and is subject to an upgrade cost, as well as an increased upkeep cost.

Level Cost
Total Purchase Cost
Capacity Upkeep cost/capacity
Unlocking Requirements
1 60,000 60,000 400 300 1.33 "Tiny Town" milestone.
2 90,000 150,000 800 500 1.60 Six concerts played.
Band popularity at least 70.
3 120,000 270,000 1,600 1,000 1.60 Eighteen concerts played.
Band popularity at least 85.
One sold out concert.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.8.0 (2017-08-17)

  • Festival management mechanics
  • Festival policies
  • Upgradable Festival Area
  • Three animated Festival bands
  • New Radio station
  • Chirper Hat

Patch 1.9.0 (2017-10-19)

  • 3 new Concerts unique buildings, each of the buildings improve the effectiveness of the Festival Area in their own way
    • Media Broadcast Building
    • Music Club
    • Fan Zone Park
  • Concert DLC animations for teenagers, young adults, bluecollars, educated adults and tourists
  • Fixed: Grammar error in premium studio autotune chirp
  • Fixed: Typo in NESTOR earworm chirp

References[edit | edit source]