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The Content Manager is a tool intended for managing and sharing all game assets, mods and saves.

The Content Manager is only accessible from the Main Menu.

Access to Content Manager from Main Menu (click to enlarge)


Content Manager (click to enlarge)
  • The Maps tab displays all playable maps.
  • The Savegames tab displays all saved cities.
  • The Assets tab displays all custom assets.
  • The Color Corrections tab displays color corrections
  • The Mods tab displays all mods.
  • The Styles tab displays all styles including the European Style in the base game
  • The Map Themes tab displays all Map themes.
  • The Scenarios tab displays all Scenarios.
  • The Steam Workshop tab displays the currently subscribed Workshop Items and their download status if applicable.

Each tab features a list of entries which can be managed.

Where applicable, it provides :

  1. A mini thumbnail of the asset, the name given to the asset by the user and its location in parenthesis (packagename.internal_assetname).
  2. A Share/Update button that allows the user to upload this item to the Steam Workshop.
  3. An on/off checkbox that allows the user to enable or disable the use of the specified asset.
  4. A cloud image is shown next to the Delete button if the item is located on the user's Steam cloud.
  5. Finally, the cross button allows the user to delete the asset.

Deleting an asset

  • If it is a workshop item, the asset is unsubscribed from the user's subscription.
  • If it is a local file, the asset is removed from the user's machine. (Can not be undone!)
  • If it is a Steam Cloud file, the asset is removed from the Cloud. (Can not be undone!)

When you upload an Item to the Workshop, the Share button for that asset becomes an Update button (Note: you must be Subscribed to your Item for this to occur) and any modification made to that particular asset will contribute to a potential update to the existing workshop item.

Sharing screen (click to enlarge)

When selecting to share an asset, the game will open a Publish on Steam Workshop panel. The title and short description (default = asset name) can be manually edited, and a short change note can be included, which will be visible on Workshop.

The default image for the asset will either be the default preview image of the asset type or a snapshot of the asset. An auto-snapshot of the camera view is taken when the game is saved, and the asset importer and map editor allow you to take preview snapshots and select one to become the default snapshot. You can preview and/or modify the assets before uploading by clicking on the folder icon in the bottom right of the snapshot image. It opens a temporary StagingArea folder where a snapshot.png and a Content folder can be found.

Click on this folder icon to change the default image (click to enlarge)

If you want to change the default preview Workshop will display, simply edit or replace the snapshot.png. More than one picture can be put in the folder, and one chosen before publishing. The new image will reload automatically in the Steam Workshop game panel. When you are ready to upload, click the Publish button. An indicator showing the upload progress appears, and the panel closes once the upload is complete.

By publishing items to the workshop, you agree to the Workshop terms of service.

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