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Districts and Areas are both used to define an area of the city, and they are created the same way, but with different tools. These tools can be found in the Districts and Areas menu. Here you will find the district paint tools as well as the Parklife, Industries and Campus Area brushes.

Districts and Areas serve very different purposes. Aside from naming a section of the map, districts are used for applying policies and specializations. See Districts for more information. Areas are used for creating a place for special buildings that will be grouped together to form the area, such as parks, industries and university campuses.

Districts can not overlap one another, but they may overlap Areas. Areas may not overlap one another even if they are of a different type.

Once created, districts will be given a random name, as will Industry and Park Areas. Campus Areas will simply be named "Campus Area", which will be automatically renamed when a Campus Administration building is placed within it. These names may be changed by the player by clicking on the name on the map and then clicking on the name in the info panel that appears. Type the new name and press ↵ Enter to change it.

Creating a district or area[edit]

To create a district or area, click the Districts and Areas button located to the right of the zoning button, and the leftmost tab Districts painting tools.

There, the player has 3 choices of brush size, and brushes for creating/deleting districts and areas. With a paint brush, left click and drag creates a district/area, while right click and drag erases one. Alternatively, each paint brush has a corresponding eraser brush. The district eraser will only erase districts, while any area eraser will erase any area. Which area tools are present is dependent on having the associated DLC.

To expand the size of a district/area that has already been drawn, hover the appropriate brush inside it until it is highlighted, then click and begin drawing.

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