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DLC icon european suburbia.png European Suburbia
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Release date

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Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia is a DLC for Cities: Skylines, and it was released on 19 October 2017. The buildings in this pack were created by Samantha Woods.

Official Description[edit]

"In European Suburbia, players can expand their city with new buildings and props, straight from modder Samantha “Avanya” Woods, inspired by cities throughout Europe, including England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands!"


  • 81 new special residential buildings and 5 props

Official screenshots[edit]


The props are used within the buildings in the theme, and are also accessible in the Asset Editor.

European Suburbia Props.png

How To Use[edit]

District Style Selection

To use the residential buildings in this theme, you must first create a District where you want them to appear. Clicking on the district name will pop up a dialog box for the district. There is a small pull-down menu box that will most likely say "Default Style". Click on that menu and select the "European Suburbia" style. Now any area within that district that is zoned "Low-Density Residential" will grow buildings from the "European Suburbia" theme.

If it does not appear in the district infobox menu, go to the Cities Skylines main menu screen where you should see "European Suburbia" listed as one of the owned DLCs. From the main menu select CONTENT MANAGER and then the subcategory STYLES, and confirm that "European Suburbia" is present and enabled.

Gallery of Zoned Buildings[edit]

Low Density Residential[edit]

Patch notes[edit]

Patch 1.9.0[edit]

Main article: Patch 1.9.0
  • Added European Suburbia style with 81 new low-density residential buildings
  • 5 new props