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The Fire Department services are located on a tab within the "Emergency Services" menu, along with a second tab for Disaster Services.

Fire safety[edit]

Your city needs Fire Houses and Fire Stations to keep it safe from fires. Accidents may happen, and that is why firefighters are needed. Fire Houses and Fire Stations will decrease the Fire Hazard in your city and they always have a number of Fire Engines prepared for dispatch in case of emergency.


Helicopter priority.png Use of the Helicopter Priority policy will prevent regular fire services from responding to the call, and only fire helicopters will come to extinguish the fire.

Lightning rods.png Use of the Lightning Rods policy lowers the likelihood of buildings catching fire during a thunderstorm.

Smoke Detector Distribution.png Use of the Smoke Detector Distribution policy significantly reduces the risk of fire.

Fire Helicopters[edit]

The Fire Helicopter Depot is from the Natural Disasters DLC. Up to three fire helicopters can operate from each depot. They take off from the depot empty, picking up water from the nearest available source, then proceed to the location of the fire to dump their water on the fire. Each time the water bucket is emptied, they must go to a water source to refill it. When the fire is out, they return to the depot. Forest fires can only be fought with fire helicopters. Fire helicopters may also assist with structure fires within the city. The "Fire Watch Tower", also from "Natural Disasters", requires no road access or water and electrical service. It monitors for forest fires, providing early warning of approaching flames. Hills and mountains affect its line of sight.

Fires within parks from the "Parklife" DLC are not accessible to fire trucks, and can only be extinguished by Fire Helicopters. These parks will not catch fire before the "Busy Town" milestone is reached[1] (when the "Fire Helicopter Depot" becomes available), or if the Natural Disasters DLC is not owned/active.

Fire safety buildings[edit]

Building Unlocked Cost
Pollution Noise
DLC Notes
Fire helicopter depot.png
Fire Helicopter Depot
Busy Town 55,000 1,400 0 15 128 480 10×14 DLC icon natural disasters.png Fire helicopters must pick up water from a water source (ocean/lake/river) before proceeding to the fire.
Fire helicopter capacity: 3
Fire House.png
Fire House
Fire House EU.png
European Fire House
Worthy Village 12,000 560 0 0 480 720 4×3
- Fire engine capacity: 6
Fire Station.png
Fire Station
Fire Station EU.png
European Fire Station
Busy Town 60,000 1,440 0 0 960 1,440 6×4
- Fire engine capacity: 25
Fire watch tower.png
Fire Watch Tower
Big Town 9,000 96 0 0 0 0 2×2 DLC icon natural disasters.png Fire Watch Towers can spot forest fires early.
Doesn't require road access.
Tower height: 36m

Disabling fire spreading[edit]

Disable Fire Spreading is a setting that is available in the OPTIONS/GAMEPLAY menu.

This applies to all kinds of fires from forest fires to building fires. When this option is turned on, it prevents large scale forest fires by not allowing fire to spread from one tree to another. It also prevents fire from spreading from trees to buildings and from buildings to buildings and so on. However, if the player turns on random disasters, this option is disabled. Also, setting random disaster probability to more than zero or playing a scenario turns the option off.

The fire behavior update also brings change to how fire behaves with Parklife and Campus buildings placed on paths. Normally these buildings can catch on fire only if they are placed on roadside. However, buildings placed alongside paths can also catch fire if the player has Natural Disasters installed and has unlocked helicopters and has turned random disasters on or is playing a scenario.[2]

In Depth[edit]

When a fire happens, a fire truck will be sent out from the nearest Fire Houses/Fire Stations. Sometimes more than one fire in the city could start at the same time, even though they are far away from each other. In principle, the longer the building is on fire, the longer it will take to put it out.

A fire truck stuck in traffic or spawning from far away may leave a building burning for a long period of time, which will make citizens unhappy. If this is not dealt with quickly, a building can burn down. The building can then be demolished, or another building will grow if the demand is high enough. The rubble from burned down buildings can sometimes have a negative effect on land value.


• Service buildings that don't require road access will never experience crime or fire. It will only complain when it is isn't connected to its grid, preventing servicing the city.

• Expensive buildings built by player have low chances of crime or fire.

• Oil, ore and generic industrial buildings are most vulnerable to fire. Sometimes, even with good coverage, you will see burnt down buildings in such areas.

• Fire spreading was introduced in Patch 1.6.0 (2016-11-29), and an option to disable it was introduced in Patch 1.12.0 (2019-05-21).


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