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Ensuring the health of your citizens is important if you want your citizens to enjoy living in your city.

Healthcare[edit | edit source]

Healthcare services will help you keep your citizens healthier and take care of the sick.

Hospitals and Clinics[edit | edit source]

Hospitals and clinics have ambulances that will pick up sick people and transport them back to the facility for treatment. If an ambulance is not available, the citizens may try to walk to the closest clinic or hospital. Hospitals have helipads on the roof that Medical Helicopters can land on to deliver patients. Clinics can receive patients via helicopter as well; they will land on the ground in front of them.

The "Medical Laboratory" is from the Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings DLC. It functions as a hospital with no ambulances. Patients may arrive on foot, in their own vehicle, or by Medical Helicopter landing in front of it.

The "Medical Center" monument is a facility that works on finding cures for diseases and ailments. It is so vast and efficient that it can easily take care of all the city's health needs. The Medical Center has a helipad and accepts patient deliveries via Medical Helicopters.

If a child or teen needs medical care but is not too sick, and there is a childcare building nearby, there's a 50% chance they'll go there instead of going to a hospital or clinic. This also applies to seniors and eldercare buildings.

Health Boost Buildings[edit | edit source]

Some buildings provide a health boost in the area around them. They do not have ambulances or accept any patients.

The Child Health Center increases the birth rate and provides a health benefit to children and teens within the building radius.

The Eldercare facility increases lifespan of elderly and provides a health benefit to the elderly within the building radius.

The Sauna provides a small health boost over the area it covers. It may be used on snow or non-snow maps. It also gives a luxury service boost, which is the type of service provided by parks.

The Sports Hall and Gymnasium, Community Pool and Yoga Garden all provide a small health boost to the surrounding neighborhood.

The Trade School Gymnasium, Liberal Arts Gymnasium and University Gymnasium all must be built within their respective Campus Areas, but produce a city-wide boost to citizen health.

The Fish Market gives surrounding citizens a health benefit.[1]

Medical Helicopter Depot[edit | edit source]

Medical helicopter depot.png

The Medical Helicopter Depot is from the Natural Disasters DLC. Up to three medical helicopters can operate from each depot, picking up sick cims around the city and dropping them off at hospitals, clinics, and other treatment facilities. Each one flies for a shift that can have up to five patient deliveries, and then returns to the depot. They will return to the depot before the end of their shift if there is no immediate call for them. Medical helicopters will land on helipads on top of buildings when available, otherwise they will land in the street in front of buildings. They do not block traffic, as vehicles simply pass through them. Medical Helicopters can reach areas that have no road access for ambulances, due to city design, road flooding or road collapses from disasters.

School of Medicine[edit | edit source]

School of Medicine.png

Building a School of Medicine Unique Faculty building within a University Campus Area will result in:

  • Increased healthcare efficiency.
  • Increased hospital and clinic patient capacity.
  • Increased number of available ambulances.

Policies[edit | edit source]

There are some policies that can have a direct impact on citizen's health.

The Anti-Slip Studs policy increases the health of elderly citizens by making them less likely to slip on icy streets.

The Smoking Ban policy results in slightly increased health.

The Student Healthcare policy increases student health.

The Improved Work Safety Supervision policy increases worker's health.

Indirectly, any policy that reduces noise pollution can potentially reduce the number of sick citizens, as noise is a common cause of citizen illness.

Pollution reducing policies, such as Filter Industrial Waste, may also reduce the number of sick citizens.

Deathcare[edit | edit source]

In a city full of life, death will eventually face the sick and the old. Deceased citizens need to be transported to cemeteries and crematoriums where they will be taken care of. Cemeteries and Crematoriums provide your city with hearses that transport the dead to one of the aforementioned services. If a corpse is not picked up within a certain time period, the building will eventually be abandoned.

When a cemetery runs out of room, it can be emptied in the same logic as landfills. When set to emptying mode, the hearses will start moving the corpses to crematoriums, or to other non-full cemeteries if a crematorium is not available. Unfortunately, some (very few) hearses will empty into other non-full cemeteries, even though crematoriums are present and have the capacity to process the dead. Crematoriums have an interesting characteristic in that they can burn far more corpses per week than their own 7 hearses can collect, normally a crematorium will burn 20-40 corpses per week, but if a cemetery set to 'empty' is delivering corpses a crematorium can burn 160-200 corpses per week. This makes it economical to empty and refill cemeteries as cemeteries are much cheaper per hearse than crematoriums, and one crematorium can service several cemeteries.

The Cryopreservatory is from the Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings DLC. It is described as a facility for freezing the dead to preserve them until the technology to revive them becomes available. In-game it is functionally identical to a crematorium, but with more hearses and capacity.

Deathwave[edit | edit source]

City statistics view. A 2021 deathwave is the large spike in the death rate (red). Later, a cyclical patten in birth (yellow) and death rates emerges.

In the Cities: Skylines community, the term "deathwave" is used to describe a cyclical phenomenon where a large number of deaths occur within a city near-simultaneously, putting considerable strain on the deathcare services.

Citizens in the game have short and rather uniform lifespans of about 6 years. If cities are expanded rapidly very early in the game, this results in a large proportion of citizens of almost exactly the same age, resulting in a deathwave six years after the city's foundation. Cities will often develop such a cyclical pattern in their age profiles. This behaviour can cause a strain on the city, most notably during periods of high death rates where deathcare services are stretched. This pattern is the in-game equivalent of a disease outbreak.

Such deathwaves can be weathered, either by investing in a substantial deathcare infrastructure, or by demolishing buildings that are abandoned due to uncollected corpses. The best way to avoid deathwaves is to expand a city (especially its residential zones) gradually, producing a more even population pyramid. This can be best achieved by not pausing the game while zoning residential areas, and by zoning spaces in smaller areas while the game time progresses. This will cause the game to spawn residents over time and also spread the ultimate death of populations over a similar time frame.

Dead Not Being Collected[edit | edit source]

There are a number of reasons that dead cims may not get collected. A Deathwave (see above) can be a temporary overwhelming of the deathcare services. If that is not the problem, it could be one of the following:

  • There must be road access for the hearses. A new part of the city may not yet have a road connection, or a disaster could destroy a section of road. A one-way street can prevent access.
  • If the number of cims dying is greater than the amount being collected, new deathcare facilities should solve the problem. A full cemetery will obviously not collect any dead. Check Deathcare in the info view panel.
  • Excessive traffic may block hearses and delay pickup long enough for cims to complain and move out.
  • Deathcare is a city-wide service, and sometimes a hearse could come from the other side of the city to pick up a dead body, and therefore take a very long time to get there.
  • There is a limit to the number of vehicles that can be present in the game at any one time. If a city population becomes very large, or if there are too many trucks doing import/export, the city may reach this limit. This will cause hearses (as well as other service vehicles) to be unable to spawn. Adding new facilities or increasing their budget will not help. (There are mods that can show the limits and the current numbers, but they cannot increase the limits. It is possible to reserve some of the vehicle count for service vehicles with a mod.)
  • A mod may cause the problem. If you are using mods, try loading the game with NoWorkshop or disableMods.

Healthcare buildings[edit | edit source]

Building Unlocked Cost
Pollution Noise
DLC Notes
Boom Town 8,000 160 0 0 64 128 10×8 - Patient capacity: 3,000
Hearses: 10
Can only be moved or demolished when empty.
Child Health Center.png
Child Health Center
Boom Town 18,000 500 0 0 160 320 6×5 - Increases birth rate within building radius.
Health benefit to children and teens.
Visitor capacity: 50
Community pool.png
Community Pool
Busy Town 75,000 1,200 0 0 960 480 6×6 DLC icon green cities.png Health benefit to area.
Visitor capacity: 120
Big City 25,000 720 0 0 160 480 3×3 - Patient capacity: 105
Hearses: 7
Crematorium Memorial Park.png
Crematorium Memorial Park
Big City 32,000 800 0 0 192 480 7×7 DLC icon heart of korea.png Patient capacity: 200
Hearses: ?
Big City 32,000 800 0 0 320 640 4×4 DLC icon ccp high-tech buildings.png Effectively equivalent to a larger Crematorium.
Patient Capacity:120
Hearses: 10
Boom Town 22,000 600 0 0 160 320 12×6 - Increases lifespan of elderly within the building radius.
Health benefit to the elderly.
Visitor capacity: 100
General Hospital.png
General Hospital
Busy Town 65,000 2,400 0 0 640 1,440 9×8 DLC icon modern japan.png Patient capacity: 500
Ambulances: 30
High-Capacity Hospital.png
High-Capacity Hospital
Big Town 95,000 4,000 0 0 1280 1920 × DLC icon Plazas and Promenades.png Patient capacity: 800
Ambulances: 40
Hospital EU.png
European Hospital
Busy Town 65,000 2,400 0 0 400 960 10×8
- Patient capacity: 500
Ambulances: 30
Medical Center.png
Medical Center
Megalopolis 650,000 14,400 0 0 640 1,440 15×9 - Monument
Patient capacity: 1,000
Ambulances: 50
Helipad accepts Medical Helicopters.
Medical Clinic.png
Medical Clinic
Medical Clinic EU.png
European Medical Clinic
Little Hamlet 10,000 400 0 0 320 640 4×4
- Patient capacity: 100
Ambulances: 8
Medical helicopter depot.png
Medical Helicopter Depot
Boom Town 50,000 1,200 0 15 128 720 13×9 DLC icon natural disasters.png Picks up patients and delivers them to a hospital, clinic or Medical Laboratory.
Medical helicopter capacity: 3
Medical laboratory.png
Medical Laboratory
Busy Town 42,000 1,280 0 0 640 960 10×6 DLC icon ccp high-tech buildings.png Clinic without ambulances. Patients can walk in, or be delivered by helicopter.
Patient Capacity: 20
Plastic Surgery Center.png
Plastic Surgery Center
Little Hamlet 7,500 240 0 0 320 320 2×1 DLC icon heart of korea.png Patient capacity: 75
Ambulances: ?
Big Town 25,000 400 0 0 240 240 3×4 DLC icon snowfall.png Saunas create a health bonus to the neighborhood around them and increase happiness.
Visitor capacity: 60
Sports hall and gymnasium.png
Sports Hall and Gymnasium
Tiny Town 120,000 2,400 0 0 640 960 6×8 DLC icon green cities.png Health benefit to area.
Visitor capacity: 180
Yoga garden.png
Yoga Garden
Small City 90,000 1,600 0 0 480 320 4×5 DLC icon green cities.png Health benefit to area.
Visitor capacity: 90

Service Vehicle Selector[edit | edit source]

In order to change the vehicles spawned by a clinic, hospital (except the Medical Laboratory), or deathcare building, click on the building to bring up the info panel. If there is more than one type of ambulance or hearse model available then there will be a button to change the model used in the bottom right of the info panel. The base game includes one ambulance model and one hearse model. Additional models are available in the Steam Workshop or in DLCs such as the Vehicles of the World Content Creator Pack.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Forum: Sunset Harbor Dev Diary #1: Fishing Industry - co-emmi (Colossal Order) (2020-03-20)