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Whenever a new patch is released, mods may not work as expected, which can cause issues with savegames that use mods. This article covers the general information to help you troubleshoot mods and find the latest information on which mods are working and which are needing an update.

When you play Cities: Skylines modded, you will be greeted with a notification when you start the game alerting you that some mods you are subscribed to haven't been created for the current version of the game. Opening the Content Manager will show you which mods were not made for the current version of the game, however, this does not mean the mod is broken. The notification is there to help troubleshoot but to determine which mods are known to be broken and which have been fixed, please see the list on the spreadsheet which can be accessed by clicking List Incompatible Mods.

Patch day 101[edit | edit source]

  • Everyone receives the new patch, even if you don't purchase the new expansion
  • New features, improvements, and bug fixes introduce new code which may require mods to implement their own code in new or different ways
  • Many mod creators have had early access to the update, allowing them to prepare updates, but those may not be available right away
  • Please be patient. Mod creators do this as a hobby and real-life commitments come first. Do not bug them to update their mod(s), they will do so when they're able to.

If you play with a lot of mods[edit | edit source]

  • Check the list of broken mods
  • Don't overwrite - save your city as a new savegame
  • Wait for mods to update - or help see what mods need an update.
  • Play unmodded while you wait using the -noWorkshop launch option

Will I be able to continue my existing city?[edit | edit source]

Most likely yes, but it might be a few days depending on what mods you use. Some mods are required for a save to load correctly, and if they need an update, you will have to wait for them before loading your city.

Will "insert mod" be updated?[edit | edit source]

Most likely yes! Our awesome modding community is working hard to find issues and update mods, but it's important to remember, they do this as a hobby so it may take a little while.

Which mods are broken?[edit | edit source]

For the most up-to-date information on which mods are broken, check out the community-maintained spreadsheet:

Dealing with broken mods[edit | edit source]

  • If you have a broken mod, unsubscribe from it.
  • If you have two mods with similar features, or different versions of the same mod, pick one and unsubscribe the other(s). Check the description of the mod on the Steam Workshop for more information about compatibility.
  • Disabling mods in the Content Manager does not have the same effect as unsubscribing them. Disabled mods might still run code and cause issues. Always unsubscribe a broken mod.
  • Use the spreadsheet linked above or the Compatibility Report Mod to check your subscribed mods for any issues.

Which mods do I absolutely need to load my city?[edit | edit source]

This is not a complete list, but can hopefully give you some idea of what mods to keep an eye on before loading your city.

Network mods[edit | edit source]

These include any mods that add networks. Anything in the Roads category on Steam is not counted, only those in the Mod category.

  • Extra Train Station Tracks
  • German Roads
  • Metro Overhaul Mod
  • More Train Tracks
  • Network Extensions 2
  • One Way Train Tracks
  • Tram Station Track

Major mods[edit | edit source]

Mods that have a large impact on how the game works are generally needed for your city to work as it should. These include, but are not limited to:

  • 81 tiles
  • Any Road Outside Connections
  • Custom Zone Mixer
  • Improved Lane Connections v2
  • Lifecycle Rebalanced Revisited
  • More CitizenUnits
  • More PathUnits
  • More Vehicles
  • Nursing Homes with Eldercare
  • Optimised Outside Connections
  • Ploppable RICO
  • Realistic Population (or other mods that affect population numbers)
  • Reversible Tram AI [BETA]
  • Traffic Manager: President Edition
  • Transfer Controller
  • Transfer Manager CE
  • Transport Line Manager

How do I play unmodded temporarily?[edit | edit source]

While you can't play your modded city, why not check out the new content without mods? You can easily do this by adding the -noWorkshop launch option to Steam. To do this right-click on the game in your Library, select Properties, and type in -noWorkshop (exactly like that) in the box at the bottom, and close the window to apply. This disables all workshop content.

Just make sure to start a new city and save it as a new file, so you don't overwrite your existing city.

When you want to play with mods again, simply open the Properties window again, remove the launch option from the box and close the window. Now the workshop is enabled again.

References[edit | edit source]