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DLC icon modern japan.png Modern Japan
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Release date

Store: Cosmetic pack
Cities: Skylines "Modern Japan" Content Creator Pack Announcement Trailer.

Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan is a DLC for Cities: Skylines announced on 2020-03-22[1], and it was released on 26 March 2020 alongside the Sunset Harbor and Coast to Coast Radio DLCs.

Official Description[edit]

Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan introduces a unique flair inspired by Japanese architecture with 20 buildings and six props from modder Ryuichi Kaminogi. These are the first Japanese buildings to be added to Cities: Skylines, bringing ornate models ranging from impressive skyscrapers to cozy udon and ramen shops.

Official Screenshots[edit]

Service Buildings[edit]

  • General Hospital
  • Waste Disposal Unit

Unique Buildings[edit]

  • Drive-in Restaurant
  • Drive-in Oriental Restaurant
  • Oriental Market
  • Noodle Restaurant
  • Ramen Restaurant
  • Service Station and Restaurant
  • Small Office Building
  • City Office Building
  • District Office Building
  • Local Register Office
  • Resort Hotel
  • Downtown Hotel
  • Temple
  • High-Rise Office Building
  • Company Headquarters
  • Office Skyscraper
  • The Station Department Store
  • The Rail Yard Shopping Center

How to Use[edit]

Most of the buildings in this pack are only accessible from the Unique Buildings menu in the "Content Creator Packs" tab after reaching the Busy Town milestone. They are NOT visible as a Theme or Style.

There are also two service buildings included in the pack.

The General Hospital is located in the "Content Creator Packs" tab of the Healthcare menu and becomes available at the Busy Town milestone.

The Waste Disposal Unit is located in the "Content Creator Packs" tab of the Garbage and Industry menu and becomes available at the Big Town milestone.


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