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For information on how to make mods, see modding
The Steam Workshop has tens of thousands of modifications and this page is not to be used to list them

Mod is short for "modification", as in modification of game files to change the functionality of Cities: Skylines. Mods can be most easily added to the game by subscribing in the Steam Workshop where they can be updated by the creator and automatically sent to the users.

Built-in mods[edit | edit source]

There are a few "built-in" mods that come with the game. In the game's main menu, they are found in the Content Manager in the MODS section, where they may be turned on or off.

  • Hard Mode - More challenge for experienced players
  • Unlimited Money - Money never runs out
  • Unlimited Oil and Ore - Oil and Ore are not reduced from terrain
  • Unlimited Soil - Landscaping without limits
  • Unlock All - Progression milestones are always unlocked

Things You Should Know About Mods[edit | edit source]

There are many mods in the Steam Workshop that can be amazing to use, and this section is not meant to discourage their use, but there are some downsides which you should be aware of.

Mods are executable code, and as such there is always some risk in running code that you do not know the contents of.

Mods make changes to or add to the game code, and when the game is updated (patched), some mods may stop working properly. Many mods will be updated by their creator or others, while some may no longer be supported. Often when game patches are released, information on mod incompatibilities gets posted on the Cities Skylines Paradox forum by helpful fans. There are many mods available, and Colossal Order cannot be expected to ensure that they will all still work after a patch, though they often work with modders to help them know what is coming. If you use mods, while many may be updated quickly, you may have to wait hours/days/weeks for them to be updated after a patch, during which time your city could be unplayable (starting a new city is an option).

Modders can remove or alter their work without notice at any time.

Mods can change gameplay and depending on what the mod does, could make achievements easier, therefore achievements are disabled when mods are active. They can be re-enabled via another mod.

Some mods that make changes to the same parts of the game may conflict with one another.

Some mods may require other mods in order to function properly. This should be noted on their workshop page.

While some mods do not affect your saved games, others do, and if they no longer function, then you may not be able to continue to play that city. Also for mods that affect your saved game, if you want to share the saved city, whoever else wishes to use it must also have the same mods.

Mods may increase the workload on your computer, slowing it down, in some cases to beyond usability depending on your computer's specifications. Others will have little or no impact on performance.

Mods that are turned off are still loaded, and if they were causing problems, turning them off may not make the problem go away. (See Disabling Mods below.)

Disabling Mods[edit | edit source]

If you are having problems with the game while using mods, you may want to try disabling them to help troubleshoot the problem. Mods that are "turned off" are still loaded and may still cause problems.

In the Steam Client, right-click on Cities Skylines and select Properties. On the General tab, click on the button labeled Set Launch Options....

To disable everything from the Workshop, enter the following option: -noWorkshop

If successful, when loading the game, the main menu "Steam Workshop" panel should be blank except for a note that the game was started with the -noWorkshop toggle.

To disable all mods, including local mods, enter the following option: -disableMods

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