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The Hadron Collider

Monuments are the peak of development in Cities: Skylines. A monument is a city service building that is so advanced that it basically handles the whole city's needs of that service. For example, a Fusion Power Plant outputs 16 GW, 25 times the power of one Nuclear Power plant for the same weekly upkeep of one, and a high-tech hospital provides the whole city with free unlimited health care.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Monuments are unlocked at the last milestone. To build a monument, you must have all the required unique buildings for that monument built, and all nine map areas have to be unlocked. When the requirements are met, the monument becomes unlocked and can be purchased. If any of the required unique buildings are bulldozed or otherwise removed from the city, the monument will become unavailable again. Once a monument is built, it can exist even if a unique building is removed. There can be as many monuments in the city as the user can unlock.

List of monuments[edit | edit source]

The Space Elevator

Eden Project:

The Eden Project is a huge glass house, perfect for vast gardens full of exotic fruits and plants. It greatly increases the city profile, making land in the city area more valuable. It also massively reduces pollution.

The Eden Project requires the following unique buildings: Statue of Industry, Friendly Neighborhood Park, Official Park, Gateway Arch, Servicing Services Offices, and Cathedral of Plentitude.

Fusion Power Plant:

The power of the stars is within your grasp and the energy problems of yesterday are gone once the Fusion Power Plant is operational. Offers huge amounts of clean energy without the fear of radioactive fallout or other pollution. It does, however, require significant quantities of water to operate.

  • Power Output: 16,000 MW

The Fusion Power Plant requires the following unique buildings: Plaza of the Dead, Fountain of Life and Death, Tax Office, Observatory, Science Center, and MAM Modern Art Museum.

Hadron Collider:

The Hadron Collider is the epitome of science. Various research takes place in the facility and it offers education to citizens. A city with a Hadron Collider doesn't have to worry about education, the facility provides it for all citizens, they don't even need to attend it.

  • Education capacity: 1,000,000 of each education step

If the city has a Campus based university, use of the Hadron Collider will make it difficult to get enough students to level up the Campus. As of Patch 1.12.1, the Hadron Collider has a toggleable option that makes it provide only elementary and high school education levels without interfering with university education.

The Hadron Collider requires the following unique buildings: Statue of Shopping, Posh Mall, Colossal Order Offices, Grand Library, Aquarium, and Theater of Wonders.

Medical Center:

The Medical Center is a facility that works on finding cures for diseases and ailments. It is so vast and efficient that it can easily take care of all your citizens' health needs. The Medical Center has a helipad and accepts patient deliveries via Medical Helicopters.

  • Patient Capacity: 1,000
  • Ambulances: 50

The Medical Center requires the following unique buildings: Lazaret Plaza, Mall of Moderation, Court House, Oppression Office, High Interest Tower, and Sea-and-Sky Scraper.

Space Elevator:

People near and far travel to the city to see the Space Elevator. This means a huge influx of tourists, who also like to spend money while visiting.

The Space Elevator requires the following unique buildings: Statue of Wealth, Transport Tower, Grand Mall, Opera House, Expo Center, and Stadium.

Doomsday Vault:

The Doomsday Vault is a huge underground facility, that helps Shelters in your city to work more efficiently. It allows all Shelters to stockpile more water and food, and to raise their capacity a bit.

The Doomsday Vault requires the following unique buildings: Meteorite Park, Disaster Memorial, Helicopter Park, Pyramid of Safety, Sphinx of Scenarios, Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn Park.

Ultimate Recycling Plant:

The Ultimate Recycling Plant is a Monument that processes all waste produced by the city. The Plant creates goods and raw materials from the waste. These products benefit your city or can be exported. Exporting is automatic if needed.

The Ultimate Recycling Plant requires the following unique buildings: Bird and Bee Haven, Climate Research Station, Lungs of the City, Floating Gardens, Ziggurat Garden, Central Park.

Castle of Lord Chirpwick:

An impressive castle is what every significant city needs and the Castle of Lord Chirpwick is exactly that. It has an entertainment value of 100 that applies to the entire city and it increases the attractiveness of all the Unique Buildings by 25%.

The Castle of Lord Chirpwick requires the following unique buildings: City Arch, Clock Tower, Old Market Street, Sea Fortress, Observation Tower, The Statue of Colossalus.

Monument Unlocked Cost
Pollution Noise
DLC Notes
Castle of lord chirpwick.png Castle of Lord Chirpwick Megalopolis 1,900,000 3,200 0 100 400 1,600 9×16 DLC icon parklife.png Increases the attractiveness of all the Unique Buildings by 25%.
Entertainment: 100
Visitor Capacity: 400
Doomsday vault.png Doomsday Vault Megalopolis 1,600,000 17,600 0 0 160 160 5×12 DLC icon natural disasters.png Improves Shelters (increased storage of food and water, additional population capacity).
Eden Project.png Eden Project Megalopolis 850,000 6,400 0 0 160 560 13×12 - Increases land value and reduces pollution in city.
Entertainment: 100
Visitor Capacity: 300
Fusion Power Plant.png Fusion Power Plant Megalopolis 1,000,000 8,000 0 75 4,000 0 16×8 - Power Output: 16,000 MW
Hadron Collider.png Hadron Collider Megalopolis 800,000 9,600 0 100 640 1,440 14×11 - Provides all education for the city.
Medical Center.png Medical Center Megalopolis 650,000 14,400 0 0 640 1,440 15×9 - Patient capacity: 1,000
Ambulances: 50
Helipad accepts Medical Helicopters.
Space Elevator.png Space Elevator Megalopolis 1,500,000 16,000 0 100 160 160 15×9 - Increases the number of tourists.
Ultimate recycling plant.png Ultimate Recycling Plant Megalopolis 750,000 8,000 0 80 640 0 16×8 DLC icon green cities.png Processing Rate: 480,000 / week
Power Output: 60 MW
Garbage Truck Capacity: 100

Trivia[edit | edit source]

• Eden Project is technically a park; works like a park by increasing land value but the increase is tenfold and its radius is citywide, although visitors are barely visible because it is an "indoor" park.

• Building Eden Project is a blessing and a curse. The land values underneath all "growable" buildings will be so high (green in info view), nearly every building will reach maximum level in a matter of in-game weeks, increasing tax revenue, tourism, and new citizens. But the negative effect of this is a spike in influx (new citizens moving into city, some of them former tourists). Birth rate, influx and death rate are related to each other. When a spike in influx occur, expect the same spike in birth and death rate at least 2 in-game years later.

• Hadron Collider's coverage is citywide, despite info views showing no green roads in its coverage. Oddly, despite its large capacity, no students are seen hanging around outside Hadron Collider nor anyone going in, contrary to regular schools.

• Medical Center's (and Hospital's) coverage is citywide, despite info views showing limited coverage.

• When all other healthcare services are demolished and replaced by Medical Center, its ambulances will swarm around the city to pick-up sick people. Afterwards, on well-planned, developed and clean city (residents isolated from any pollution), the number of sick citizens will plummet down to zero, ambulances not seen (or heard) on streets again, and average health is 100%. This means Medical Center is so advanced, its medicine keeps citizens healthy in the first place, to the point they don't need more healthcare services.

• Fusion power plant is the most efficient source of power, costing ₡0.5/MW. Its only pollution is noise.

• Space Elevator is the only monument where movement of people is clearly visible (provided the city is attractive). It is easy to unlock since Unique Buildings it requires are more like rewards for good development. However, it is the second most expensive building to construct and maintain.

• Doomsday Vault doesn't actually evacuate anything

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