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Patches and Hotfixes are free updates for the game. Major patches generally have DLCs released alongside them and add new features. Hotfixes generally fix bugs and tweak the balance of the game. They usually do not add new content.

Version history[edit | edit source]

Version Date of Addition Notes
1.16.0 2022-12-13 1.16.0-f3 Patch Notes. Released alongside the Financial Districts mini-expansion, Content Creator Pack: Map Pack 2 CCP, as well as the African Vibes music pack. Bugfixes.
1.15.1-f4 2022-11-15 Roads and Vehicles free content, Heart of Korea, Skyscrapers, 80’s Downtown Beat and K-Pop Station, bugfixes. (Forum: Roads and Vehicles free content and 1.15.1-f4 Patch Notes.)
1.15.0-f7 2022-09-15 Hotfix. 1.15.0-f7 Patch Notes.
1.15.0 2022-09-14 Major patch. 1.15.0-f5 Patch Notes. Released alongside the Plazas and Promenades expansion, Mid-Century Modern and Seaside Resorts CCPs, as well as the Paradise Radio and Shoreline Radio music packs.
1.14.1-f2 2022-03-10 Birthday Patch free content. Airports hotfix.
1.14.0-f9 2022-02-14 Hotfix. Airports post-release patch 1.14.0-f9.
1.14.0-f8 2022-02-10 Hotfix. Airports post-release patch 1.14.0-f8.
1.14.0 2022-01-25 Major patch. Released alongside the Airports expansion, Vehicles of the World and Content Creator Pack Map Pack CCPs, as well as the Calm the Mind Radio and On Air Radio music packs.
1.13.3 2021-05-21 Released alongside Train Stations and Bridges and Piers CCPs, and the Rail Hawk Radio and Sunny Breeze Radio music packs.
1.13.2 2021-02-03 Fixes for Epic Game Store version.
1.13.1 2020-06-04 Minor update to fix bugs.
1.13.0-f8 2020-04-06 Hotfix.
1.13.0 2020-03-26 Major patch. Released alongside Sunset Harbor, Modern Japan, and Coast to Coast Radio DLCs.
1.12.3 2020-01-22 Minor update to fix bugs and implement the Paradox Launcher.
1.12.2 2019-11-07 Minor update to accommodate Modern City Center and Downtown Radio DLCs.
1.12.1 2019-06-04 Hotfix
1.12.0 2019-05-21 Major patch. Released alongside Campus, University City, Campus Radio and Deep Focus Radio DLCs.
1.11.1 2018-12-13 Minor patch.
1.11.0 2018-10-23 Major patch. Released alongside Industries and Synthetic Dawn Radio DLCs.
1.10.1 2018-07-05 Hotfix
1.10.0 2018-05-24 Major patch. Released alongside Parklife and Country Road Radio DLCs.
1.9.3 2018-03-23 Hotfix
1.9.2 2018-03-09 Minor patch. Released alongside new radio station Mars Radio and ChirpX.
1.9.1 2017-12-05 Minor patch. Released alongside new radio station All That Jazz and Carols, Candles and Candy DLCs.
1.9.0 2017-10-19 Major patch. Released alongside Green Cities DLC, Concerts update, European Suburbia.
1.8.0 2017-08-17 Major patch. Released alongside Concerts DLC
1.7.2 2017-06-01 Hotfix
1.7.1 2017-05-23 Hotfix
1.7.0 2017-05-18 Major patch. Released alongside Mass Transit DLC
1.6.3 2017-01-26 Hotfix
1.6.2 2016-12-21 Hotfix
1.6.1 2016-12-11 Hotfix
1.6.0 2016-11-29 Major patch. Released alongside Natural Disasters and High-Tech Buildings DLC
1.5.2​ 2016-10-18 Minor update to accommodate Stadiums DLC
1.5.1​ 2016-09-01 Minor update to accommodate Art Deco DLC
1.5.0​ 2016-06-09 Major patch. Released alongside free Match Day DLC
1.4.1​ 2016-04-19
1.4.0​ 2016-03-22 Major patch
1.3.2 2016-03-02
1.3.1 2016-02-23
1.3.0 2016-02-18 Major patch. Released alongside Snowfall
1.2.2 2015-11-05 Increase of several in-game limits
1.2.1 2015-10-01 Hotfix
1.2.0 2015-09-24 Major patch. Released alongside After Dark
1.1.1 2015-07-01
1.1.0 2015-05-19 Major patch. Tunnels and European themed buildings and maps added.
1.0.7c 2015-04-07
1.0.7 2015-03-27
1.0.6 2015-03-21
1.0.5 2015-03-10 Release version