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Patch 1.1.0 was released on 2015-05-19[1]. It added tunnels and European-style buildings, along with various other improvements and fixes.

Official description

Greetings Chirpies!

Easter is over, and so is the wait for the next patch for Cities: Skylines. As previously mentioned our core focus lies in solving the most common technical and accessibility issues some users are experiencing which should be clearly noticeable in this update.

You might recognize some of these patch notes from previous threads, the reason being that we patched previously and then retracted it due to unexpected technical issues.

Please note that if you run a heavily modded version of the game you might want to disable your mods and start a new city to ensure the vanilla game works properly - before you try running your modded city. We can not assume responsibility for the stability of your game when using mods but highly guarantee this practice (as well as regularly backing up your saves!)

If you're experiencing issues with this patch please inform us in this thread so that we can easily monitor the severity and frequency of your problem.


Features & New

  • New: European theme added
  • New: 72 European buildings in the European theme
  • New: Support for corner and adjacent buildings in the European theme
  • New: 3 maps added with European theme (Cliffside Bay, Foggy Hills and Grand River)
  • New: Tunnels for roads and rail added
  • New: Metro tunnels can be built at different levels
  • Options: V sync option added
  • Options: Invert Y mouse axis added

Editor & Modding

  • Launch options: added -noWorkshop to disable Steam workshop
  • Asset editor: Increased limit for bridge pillar count
  • Asset editor: Hedge added to residential props
  • Asset editor: Added custom vehicle importing
  • Asset editor: Added the ability to set custom thumbnails and tooltip images for all types of assets (in the save panel)
  • Asset editor: New editable properties exposed
  • Asset editor: Added ability to inherit building unlock milestone from template
  • Asset editor: vehicles have a Steam tag "Vehicle"
  • Asset editor: Fixed cut off text and missing spaces in the Properties box
  • Asset editor: Water Service buildings can now have proper pipe connections
  • Asset editor: Custom harbors and cargo harbors are now usable in-game
  • Asset editor: Custom airports now get visited by planes, like an actual airport
  • Asset editor: Fixed issue where some custom assets could not be loaded in-game after editing
  • Asset editor: Fixed missing texture for landfills
  • Asset Editor: Fixed a rare issue where holding and releasing the mouse button would not be recognized
  • Content manager: Introduced a new layout
  • Modding API: Added OnEnabled/OnDisabled support for IUserMod. Called everytime a mod is becoming active or inactive
  • Map editor: Fixed issue where users could place a water source outside the map area
  • Map editor: Fixed free camera hotkey not working

Bugfixes & Misc

  • Linux: support for JPG workshop previews added
  • Linux: users can now use numpad-Enter in-game
  • Linux: Fixed rare issue where users crashed due to a faulty asset
  • Fixed issue with 1x1 buildings "disappearing" when zoomed out too far
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • devInfo.txt is no longer needed
  • Achievements are now properly localized
  • Small contrast changes in some information windows to improve colorblind accessibility
  • Fixed issue where some elevated roads became immune to interaction
  • Metro and train lines now properly update when changed
  • Cruise ships no longer travel over land :’(
  • The 2x2 OreCrusher now has a purpose in life
  • Ireland is properly represented on the Union Jack
  • Cursor no longer disappears when you press Esc whilst rotating the camera
  • Adjusted upkeep cost of some roads to the one displayed in their tooltip
  • People no longer die when your city is at 0 population
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking a button would highlight it incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where free camera mode was not enabled after viewing milestones
  • Fixed an issue where changing language in-game would not change language for some menus
  • Fixed an issue with mouse button key bindings
  • Fixed an issue where the options menu would not be closed properly by hitting the esc key
  • Fixed an issue where temporary save files would sometimes be visible
  • Fixed an issue where roads would snap to inaccessible sections of hydro dams
  • Fixed a graphics issue where text would sometimes be corrupted at the bottom of save and load menus
  • Trees in terrain heights view should now have the proper colors for their elevation
  • Fixed an issue where users could elevate the height of gravel paths, even though they could not place them
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue in the content manager
  • Fixed some text alignment problems
  • Text references to left and right mouse buttons now take left-handed mouse settings into account
  • Added confirmation prompt for Reset Unique Buildings