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Release Date - 24 May 2018. Patch 1.10.0-f3[1] was released[2] alongside Parklife and Country Road Radio.

Parklife expansion

Main article: Parklife

Paid content Parklife expansion:

  • Park Area Tool
  • Park Area levels
  • Tours Info View and Panel
  • Walking Tour Tool
  • Sightseeing Bus Tour Tool
  • Park Maintenance City Service
  • New policies (3 city and 8 park policies)
  • Amusement park props and buildings
  • Nature reserve park props and buildings
  • New city park buildings
  • New zoo props and buildings
  • New monument
    • Castle of Lord Chirpwick
  • 6 new Unique buildings
    • The Statue of Colossalus
    • Observation Tower
    • Sea Fortress
    • Old Market Street
    • Clock Tower
    • City Arch
  • Fireworks effect (for monument and park area tool)
  • New chirps
  • 8 Steam achievements
  • 4 New Chirper hats
  • New models for animals in the wild (for asset editor and map editor)
  • 5 new ParkLife maps
    • Mountain Meadows
    • Pine Rivers
    • Cavern Coast
    • Windfield
    • Honu Island

Main article: Country Road Radio
  • Country Road Radio DLC

Free update for all players and DLCs owners:

Cities: Skylines base game

Main article: Cities: Skylines
  • A collection of new city park props added
  • Effect for trees to reduce noise pollution around them
  • Submesh modding made possible
  • Cinematic camera
  • Menu Filtering
  • Tourism Panel and Info View update
  • New models for tourists
  • New trees (Corsican Pine, Yew, Sugar Maple, Chinese Windmill Palm)
  • New terrain props (rock formations, caves and cliffs) and vegetation
  • Leisure Info View icon changed
  • Parks & Plazas toolbar icon change
  • Accessibility renamed to Entertainment for clarity under Leisure Info View
  • Exposed props in-game
  • Exposed Entertainment value for Parks, Plazas and Unique Buildings in building tooltip image
  • Exposed City Attractiveness in City Information panel and in new Tourism Info View
  • Exposed camera system to modding so users can control camera with scripts
  • ChirpX - Fixed: FR Localization of "Launch Rocket" is incorrect
  • Pearls from the East DLC - Fixed: Landmarks lack constructed icon after loading
  • Road Modding: Road editor feature to import models from existing roads
  • Road Modding: Road color set automatically to gray + text fields for setting the color
  • Asset importer template panel hides empty categories for buildings
  • Options panel has a button to show Whats New Panel (game restart required)
  • Content manager shows asset DLC requirements for all DLCs
  • Theme editor UI improvements: consistent panels, rain -> snow in winter themes, world properties -> weather properties
  • Updated managed framework with a minor memory leak fix
  • UI temperature string updated only when the visible number would actually change to reduce garbage in main loop
  • Updated Landscaping Advisor text
  • Added a feature to test the map in play mode straight from map editor
  • Added the reload button to asset editor pause menu
  • Added Gravel footbridge
  • Added Thumbnails image to props and assets in Asset Editor importer window
  • Added tooltips for color changing buttons for football panel, festival panel and chirpX panel
  • Added missing line to Oil Industry description in PT explaining increased tax income
  • Fixed: Left-Hand Traffic rules check box missing when selecting theme for new map in Map Editor
  • Fixed memory leaks in star billboard meshes
  • Fixed leaking materials in bloom effect
  • Fixed leak in SMAA
  • Fixed content manager panel only showing max 5 dlc icons. icons are now smaller and wrap to second line
  • Fixed props not loading in asset editor on the first import of the session
  • Fixed asset importer category monuments to unique buildings, and added category for actual monuments
  • Fixed: Forestry Resources at New Game creation Panel has wrong Icon
  • Fixed: Map editor sometimes loading a wrong map when testing a workshop map saved into a new file
  • Fixed: Adjusted volume sliders show incorrect percentage when returned to game
  • Fixed: Switching Transport Line type when creating a Transport Line causes unexpected behavior
  • Fixed: Player is able to simultaneously select 2 assets in Asset Importer
  • Fixed: Main menu "X/Y mods enabled"-label refreshing when disabling all mods
  • Fixed: Forestry Resources has wrong icon on New Tile Purchasing view
  • Fixed a case where corrupted mod prevents creating mod entries in content manager
  • Fixed achievements getting incorrectly enabled/disabled when loading a game while running a scenario.
  • Fixed achievements sometimes staying enabled when loading a Workshop save with continue-button or quick load.
  • Fixed: Issue in road editor that caused importing models from existing slopes to fail in certain situations.
  • Fixed "import from existing road" button not working when player has corrupted custom net assets.
  • Fixed: Tennis Court not mentioned at Milestone 3 Unlocks > New Buildings
  • Fixed: Sports Arena's description has minor grammatical issue in DE localisation
  • Fixed: Economy Panel Tourism 'Total' hover-on tooltip is incorrect
  • Fixed: Clicking on unowned DLC badges on Content Manager Assets does not take the player to Steam Store
  • Fixed: In ES localisation all buildings that require unlocking have the progress bar overlap with Upkeep cost text
  • Fixed: PL Localization of City Planning text in City Policies is Cut-off
  • Fixed: Wind Turbine and Advanced Wind Turbine info panel show Power Output even when they are in collapsed state
  • Fixed: German translation on science center tooltip
  • Fixed: On maps without Sea Connection Cargo Harbor and Cargo Hub have dotted lines pointing to the center of the map
  • Fixed: Warning for lack of educated workers in office is out of bounds in PL translation
  • Fixed: Healthcare info view has overlapping text in PL language
  • Fixed: Loading error when there is a bend between missing and working road types
  • Fixed: Misspelling in water tab of theme editor
  • Fixed: Policies panel services text cut off in Germany
  • Fixed: Confused ships rotating forever
  • Fixed: All traffic use Bus & Taxi lane when Old Town policy is active
  • Fixed: Spelling and inconsistent naming and cut off texts in multiple languages
  • Fixed: Leisure Info View opens too early into gameplay
  • Fixed: Term residents is not cohesive throughout the game
  • Fixed: Theme editor issue where failed terrain normal texture import causes the import button to become unusable for the rest of the session

After Dark expansion

Main article: After Dark
  • Fixed: Missing RU translation for Fantastic Fountain
  • Fixed: Bicycle Tunnels get flooded when built underwater

Snowfall expansion

Main article: Snowfall
  • Fixed: Missing Snowfall icon on Snowfall maps in new scenario panel
  • Fixed: Geothermal Heating Plant description overlaps with Water/week info text in multiple localisations

Natural Disasters expansion

Main article: Natural Disasters
  • Fixed: Natural Disasters - Overlapping 'Can Repeat' conditions in Scenario Editor in multiple languages
  • Fixed: Floodland scenario "Story message" has a typo
  • Fixed: Extra collapsed notifications for buildings with builtin roads
  • Fixed: The visual difference between a damaged path part and a path part not affected by disaster should be cohesive

Mass Transit expansion

Main article: Mass Transit
  • Fixed: Blimp Billboard ad "Books are the way to the wisdom" Grammar is incorrect
  • Asymmetrical Three-lane slope LOD fix
  • Fixed: Two-Way Highway description mistake on German translation
  • Fixed: Ferry Depots sidewalls texture is "pixelated"

Green Cities expansion

Main article: Green Cities
  • Fixed: Vehicle info panels can't fit long vehicle names
  • Fixed: Building despawn loop when using self sufficient specialization together with highrise ban policy
  • Fixed: The Ultimate Recycling Plant description updated in EN
  • Fixed: Recycling Center is imbalanced in comparison to Incineration Plant
  • Fixed: Scenario Editor trigger conditions mention high-tech specialization

Concerts mini-expansion

Main article: Concerts
  • Fixed: Concerts DLC badge is missing localization in ZH ingame

Match Day mini-expansion

Main article: Match Day
  • Fixed: Football Stadiums sometime gets 'Not Operating' without communicating to player the reason behind it