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Patch 1.11.X are all patches beginning with 1.11.


Main article: Patch 1.11.0


Patch 1.11.1-f2 is a small patch announced and released on 2018-12-13.[1][2]

Patch 1.11.1-f4 released on 2019-02-27, apparently removing an extra version of the Snowy Hills map.

Base Game
Main article: Cities: Skylines
  • New landmark: Winter Festival Market
  • Fixed: Paradox Interactive Account linking
  • Fixed: News feed in the main menu doesn't refresh after switching game language
  • Fixed: Possible Memory and Performance leak
  • Fixed: Parks and recreation policy missing the cost information
  • Fixed: Two notification icons do not switch to red when notification turns critical
Carols, Candles and Candy DLC
Main article: Carols, Candles and Candy
  • Added 3 new Christmas songs
  • Added new Chirper hat (Christmas Elf)
After Dark DLC
Main article: After Dark
  • Fixed: Taxi Depot has too high Noise Pollution
Snowfall DLC
Main article: Snowfall
  • Added 2 new winter theme maps, Winter Hills and Frozenshire
  • Fixed: Notification tooltip for 'Not enough heat' is overflown from the screen in RU
Green Cities DLC
Main article: Green Cities
  • Fixed: Self-sufficient buildings do not complain about high taxes
  • Fixed: Chirp about Organic and Local district has a text issue.
Parklife DLC
Main article: Parklife
  • Balanced Park Areas entertainment value
  • Fixed: Park Areas remove the effect of Park Area Building Entertainment value
  • Fixed: Park Tile naming is not cohesive
  • Fixed: Zoo Paths are missing text in winter themes
  • Fixed: Nature Reserve Ground Tiles thumbnail is incorrect in Winter theme maps
Industries DLC
Main article: Industries
  • Fixed: Cargo planes circle and use buildings that do not otherwise have any plane traffic
  • Fixed: Zoned industry buildings are missing notification tooltips when building does not have enough resources
  • Fixed: Raw Forest Products is cut off in PL in Industry Area Info Panel, extractors' and processing buildings' info panels
  • Fixed: "Flours" should be renamed to "Flour"
  • Fixed: What's New Panel Post City Service slide has a text issue
  • Fixed: The appearance selection of Industry Buildings with multiple appearances should be remembered when building new buildings
  • Fixed: Vehicles can't cross the center line of Small Industry roads
  • Fixed: Player does not get income from Exporting Industry Goods through Ship/Train/Plane connections
  • Fixed: Unique Factories' glass resource is using 'or' instead of 'and' in the tooltip
  • Fixed: Car Factory has no audio
  • Fixed: Area level-up panel is not fully localized when Player is using Unlock All Mod
  • Fixed: Area level-up panel has incorrect text when Player is using Unlock All Mod
  • Fixed: When Player has Unlock All mod enabled there shouldn't be any Level-up panel shown at the start of the game
  • Fixed: Unique Factories "Production Rate" slider affects the available trucks for the Unique Factory
  • Fixed: Tooltip for UFPANEL_MATERIALCOST and UFPANEL_PRODUCTIONVALUE are mixed between each other
  • Fixed: ZH Synthetic Dawn Radio and Industries DLC Tooltips are not fully translated
  • Fixed: Tooltip for total upkeep for a Industry Area info panel is not implemented
  • Fixed: Offshore Assets achievement description can be misleading
  • Fixed: RU "Exporting Unique Factory products" vehicle status overflows
  • Fixed: Unique Factory Product in Custom Made Unique Factories are missing it's correct string (fixed only in EN)
  • Fixed: Raw Materials Storage outside of an Industry Area does not have expenses from importing Raw Materials


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