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Release Date - 21 May 2019. Patch 1.12.0-f5[1] was released[2] alongside the Campus expansion and University City Content Creator Pack, as well as two music packs Campus Radio and Deep Focus Radio.

Main article: Campus
  • Campus Area Tool
  • Campus Area levels
  • 3 Campus Area types and new buildings for each
  • Trade School Liberal Arts College
  • University Varsity Sport mechanic
  • 5 Varsity Sport Arenas:
    • Aquatics Center
    • Basketball Arena
    • Track and Field Stadium
    • Baseball Park
    • American Football Stadium
  • 9 Unique faculties
  • 7 Varsity sport Mascots
  • New campus citizen models
  • Exchange students
  • School events: Graduation Ceremony, Toga Party
  • 5 New maps:
    • Murky Coast
    • Wolf Creek
    • Northwood Hills
    • Marin Bay
    • Roslyn Peninsula
  • More Chirps
  • 2 New City-wide policies
  • 4 New Campus policies
  • 3 Varsity Sports policies
  • 3 New Chirper hats
  • 7 New Steam achievements

Main article: University City
  • Content Creator Pack: University City DLC
    • 70 new low-density residential and commercial buildings

Main article: Campus Radio
  • Campus Radio Station DLC
    • 16 new songs
    • DJ content

Main article: Deep Focus Radio
  • Deep Focus Radio Station DLC
    • 16 new songs
    • DJ content

Free update for all players and DLCs owners

Cities: Skylines base game

Main article: Cities: Skylines
  • Public Library and Academic Library Unique Building
  • Bus line customization
  • Yellow School bus model
  • Job titles for citizens
  • Job titles modding
  • Industry 4.0 city wide policy
  • Exposed _FadeDistanceFactor property in PropDecalShader
  • Re-balance of Education mechanic
    • Citizens need to go through each education level at the right age. Elementary schools provide education for uneducated children. Graduates obtain Educated level. High Schools provide education for educated teenagers. Graduates obtain Well Educated level. Universities provide education for well educated young adults. Graduates obtain Highly Educated level.​
  • Fixed: Firemen are now called Firefighters
  • Fixed: European / Vanilla styled Police Headquarters have different holding cell capacity
  • Fixed: 'Too few services!' critical notification with zoned industry uses incorrect icon
  • Fixed: Radio Station panel reserves a space for expanded panel even when panel is minimized
  • Fixed: When Load Game panel is prompted for the first time map with custom theme does not have any custom theme selected
  • Fixed: Changing custom theme to correct one and loading game still gives Player warning about missing custom theme
  • Fixed: 'Remember me' checkbox text is cut off in DE, FR, RU, KO in Paradox Account creation panel
  • Fixed: Steam logo in Paradox Account panel is upside down
  • Fixed: 'Remember me' text is cut off in the login screen of Paradox Account in FR, KO
  • Fixed: Standing Stones #1- #6 are in wrong order in-game
  • Fixed: Unable to trigger "Make Building Historical" tutorial

Natural Disasters expansion

Main article: Natural Disasters
  • Added setting to disable fire spreading in gameplay options

Green Cities expansion

Main article: Green Cities
  • Fixed: Incorrect [Eco Commercial 2x4 01] name in Chinese

Parklife expansion

Main article: Parklife
  • Fixed: Park Areas can level up the area without meeting requirements
  • Fixed: Park Area name colors on winter maps
  • Fixed: Park Area tools have inconsistent locked thumbnails

Industries expansion

Main article: Industries
  • Fixed: Industry Area building can change appearance when they are on fire
  • Fixed: Budget slider for Industry Areas also affects Auxiliary buildings
  • Fixed: Tooltips in Industry Areas Info View can get misplaced when the Info View Panel is moved
  • Fixed: New fences from Industries DLC are not accessible through Landscaping and Disasters construction menu if Parklife DLC is not enabled
  • Fixed: Icon in Warehouses for "Zoned Industry - Farming Products" is incorrect
  • Fixed: Free Wi-Fi policy does not affect Industry Building
  • Fixed: Forestry Workers' Barracks is missing textures underneath the asset
  • Fixed: Tutorial Tag to prompt player to build Processing Plant points at incorrect building
  • Fixed: Forestry Resources at New Game Choose Scenario panel has wrong icon
  • Fixed: Custom made Processing and Extractor buildings are missing strings in their World Info Panel
  • Fixed: 'Garbage is piling up' and 'New services' tutorial tags are using Industries factory icon even when player does not own industries
  • Fixed: Barrel Pallet 01 and 02 have too many polygons


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