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Patch 1.12.X are all patches beginning with 1.12.


Main article: Patch 1.12.0


Patch 1.12.1-f2 is a small patch announced and released on 2019-06-04.[1][2] The Steam and Forum posts refer to it as 1.12.1-f1, but the game displays 1.12.1-f2.

  • Added: Wonder Effect Toggle for Hadron Collider. Players can toggle University education out from the Hadron Collider.
  • Added: Colour variations to University City DLC building logo CRAMBURGER
  • Added UI element to Campus Info Panel and Museum Info Panel to inform the maximum amount of available Academic Works
  • Added Industry Area, Campus Areas and Varsity Sports expenses to City Budget Statistics
  • Changed: Final Solution Academic Work to Ultimate Solution
  • Fixed: steam tag "Campus University"
  • Fixed: description Student Housing Project achievement
  • Fixed: Education Nation achievement
  • Fixed: Academic Scholar achievement
  • Fixed: High learning achievement
  • Fixed: Subsidized Youth policy not showing in Milestones Panel
  • Fixed: Campus buildings not losing crime notification
  • Fixed: Smiley wave missing when placing Public Library
  • Fixed: Toga effect on exchange student attractiveness not showing in Tourism panel
  • Fixed: Campus areas not visible while placing Varsity Arenas
  • Fixed: Education panel not showing right number of eligible students.
  • Fixed: Education panel not showing right number of graduated citizens.
  • Fixed: Player is able to create too many Academic Works per Academic Year cycle
  • Fixed: Custom Dormitories not working
  • Fixed: Excessive garbage accumulation in Campus Area and Parklife Area Zoo buildings
  • Park and Campus buildings placed on roads will now get their garbage/crime collected directly instead of sending it to main building
  • Fixed: Park, Industry and Campus Area names are hard to read on winter maps during night time
  • Fixed: Campus Attractiveness is not removed from Campus Area if the building providing it is turned off or collapsed
  • Fixed: Game may stop functioning if player who does not have Campus DLC enabled loads a save game with Campus assets
  • Fixed: Campus building attractiveness removed when building collapses due to fire
  • Fixed: FPS drop in CampusWorldInfoPanel while panel is opened
  • Fixed: Warehouses and Raw Materials Storage buildings 'Empty' mode does not empty the building completely
  • Fixed: Campus achievements are no longer visible after player restarts the game
  • Fixed: Campus area expenses tooltip can be misplaced or missing after loading a save directly from game
  • Fixed: radio files visible on vanilla builds


Patch 1.12.2-f3 was released on 2019-11-07 to accommodate the Modern City Center and Downtown Radio DLCs.

  • Paid content Modern City Center added
  • Paid content Downtown Radio added


Patch 1.12.3-f2 was released on 2020-01-22[3] to fix bugs and implement the Paradox Launcher.

  • Fixed: Custom Map Theme list only shows themes for the first map
  • Fixed: Unable to load/start game on Lagoon Shore map
  • Paradox Launcher implemented
Campus DLC
Main article: Campus
  • Fix for Campus DLC: Campus Area buildings that are snapped to paths do not create University Efficiency for the city
Modern City Center DLC
Main article: Modern City Center
  • Fix for Modern City Center DLC: Updated MCW2W 14 buildings' materials and removed color bug causing a bluish tint where it should be white


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