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Patch 1.14, aka 1.14.0-f4, was released on 2022-01-25[1]. The patch was released alongside the Airports expansion and accompanying minor DLCs.

Airports expansion

  • Airport Area Tool
  • Airport Area levels
  • 3 Airport styles with new buildings and networks for each
    • Small Terminal
    • Small Two-Story Terminal
    • Large Terminal
    • Concourse
    • Concourse Hub
    • Control Tower
  • 3 Aircraft Stands
    • Small Aircraft Stand
    • Medium Aircraft Stand
    • Large Aircraft Stand
  • Unique Buildings
    • Aviation Museum
    • Airline Headquarters
  • City Airline
    • Manage ticket prices
    • Choose from 6 Airline designs
    • Customize airline names
  • New Cargo Airport buildings and networks
    • Cargo Terminal
    • Cargo Roads
    • Cargo Train Station
    • Cargo Aircraft Stand
  • New Runways and Taxiways
  • New Airport Decorations
    • Hangars
    • Parked Planes
    • Fuel Stations
    • Budget Airport Hotel
    • Luxury Airport Hotel
    • Airline Lounge
    • Airport Fence
  • New Airplane Vehicles and Types
    • 2 Large Aircraft
    • 3 Medium Aircraft
    • 3 Small Aircraft
    • 2 Cargo Aircraft
  • New Public Transport Buildings
    • Airport Bus Station
    • Elevated Airport Metro Station
    • Airport Train Station
  • New Public Transport Vehicles
    • Airport Articulated Bus
    • Airport Double Decker Bus
    • Airport Metro Vehicle
    • Airport Train Vehicle
  • 3 New maps
    • Asanu Beach
    • Hanami Bay
    • Noyou Port
  • New Chirps
  • 3 New Policies
  • 2 New Chirper hats
  • 5 New Steam achievements

Content creator packs

  • Content Creator Pack: Map Pack DLC
    • 8 Maps
  • Content Creator Pack: Vehicles of the World DLC
    • 21 Vehicles

Radio stations

  • Calm the Mind radio DLC
    • 16 new songs
    • DJ content
  • On Air radio DLC
    • 16 new songs
    • DJ content

Free update

  • 14 new trees by MrMaison
  • Tree replacement tool on roads and paths with decorations
  • City service vehicle selection available from building panel
  • Landscaping: Increased soil storage size, soil can now be bought and disposed of for money
  • Fixed bug that caused planes to get stuck flying in circles indefinitely
  • Improved plane spawning logic to better match the amount of planes created to plane passenger numbers, this fix applies also to trains and ships in similar instances
  • Fixed: Citizen editor does not save citizen LODs

Patch 1.14.0-f8

Patch 1.14.0-f8 is a hotfix that was released on 2022-02-10.[2][3]

  • Fixed MrMaison being translated to SrCasa in Portugese
  • Fixed: Simulation slows down/stuttering with more taxiways
  • Fixed: Planes take off vertically in some cases
  • Stopped a random number from being shown in edge cases in airport panel
  • Small visual tweak for DLC taxiways meeting base game taxiways
  • Fixed: Soil buying / disposing buttons can get stuck if pressing one while the other one is still working
  • Soil buying / disposing is now only possible if having adequate funds
  • Fixed: Some airport assets without attractiveness value are colored in the Attractiveness Info Views filter
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus is selectable without Biofuel bus depot
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus depot is able to spawn all types of buses
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus does not respect the vehicle selection
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus selected to be sent out from Biofuel bus depot does not work
  • Fixed: In the Airport Area window on Russian part of the word is cut off
  • Fixed: Aircraft Stands are highlighted in multiple incorrect info views
  • Fixed: Airport Train Station connects to nearby road
  • Fixed: Broken pathfinding to metro station inside Ultra Modern Concourse Hub

Patch 1.14.0-f9

Patch 1.14.0-f9 is a hotfix that was released on 2022-02-10.[4]

  • Fix null ref exception when selecting random vehicle option for service buildings


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