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Patch 1.14.X are all patches beginning with 1.14.


Main article: Patch 1.14.0


Patch 1.14.1-f2 is a celebratory patch released on Cities: Skylines' 7th birthday on 2022-03-10 [1].

Cities: Skylines base game

  • New Chirper Balloon Tours building
  • New Chirper Hot Air Balloon
  • New birthday-related Chirper hat
  • New birthday-related chirps

Airports expansion

  • Fixed: Blimp & Helicopter stops "jitter" when attempting to place them
  • Fixed: Wrong trucks spawning from garbage facilities & prisons
  • Fixed: Medical Laboratory has vehicle selector
  • Fixed: Large Cargo Airport Road railway crossing sign facing the wrong way
  • Fixed: Large Cargo Airport Road missing 6th lane
  • Fixed: Airports achievements unlock with mods enabled
  • Fixed: Wrong asset names in multiple languages
  • Fixed: Overflowing text in multiple languages
  • Fixed: Incorrect Attractiveness value and cost for "Hotel Discounts" policy in multiple languages
  • Fixed: Simplified Chinese Steam achievement has an extra 0 in the description


  1. Forum: Birthday patch 1.14.1-f2, 2022-03-10.