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Patch 1.15.0-f5

Patch 1.15, aka 1.15.0-f5, was announced on 2022-09-13[1] and was released on 2022-09-14. The patch was released alongside the Plazas and Promenades expansion and accompanying minor DLCs.

  • Pedestrian Area
    • Service Points
      • Pedestrian Area Service Point
      • Large Pedestrian Area Service Point
      • Garbage Service Point
      • Large Garbage Service Point
      • Cargo Service Point
      • Large Cargo Service Point
    • Pedestrian Streets
      • 5 Small Sandstone Pedestrian Streets
      • 5 Small Bluestone Pedestrian Streets
      • 5 Small Cobblestone Pedestrian Streets
      • 5 Large Sandstone Pedestrian Streets
      • 5 Large Bluestone Pedestrian Streets
      • 5 Large Cobblestone Pedestrian Streets
  • 10 Pedestrian Area Plazas
  • 4 Policies
  • New City Service Buildings
    • High-Capacity High School
    • High-Capacity Elementary School
    • High-Capacity University
    • High-Capacity Hospital
    • High-Capacity Police Headquarters
    • High-Capacity Fire Station
  • New Public Transport Stations
    • Elevated Train Station
    • Elevated Metro Station With Shops
    • Parallel Underground Metro Station
    • Large Underground Metro Station
    • Compact Bus Station
  • 6 New Unique Buildings
    • Pedestrian Street Market Hall
    • Museum of Post-Modern Art
    • Sunken Plaza Shopping Mall
    • Residential Zone Landmark
    • Commercial Zone Landmark
    • Office Zone Landmark
  • District specializations
    • 48 Residential Wall-to-wall Buildings
    • 48 Commercial Wall-to-wall Buildings
    • 48 Office Wall-to-wall Buildings
  • 5 New Maps
  • 2 New Chirper hats
  • 3 New Steam achievements
  • New Chirps

  • Shoreline Radio DLC
  • 16 New Songs
  • DJ Content

  • Paradise Radio DLC
  • 16 New Songs
  • DJ Content

  • Content Creator Pack: Mid-Century Modern DLC
    • 147 Residential Buildings, 5 Park Buildings, and 32 Props
    • New residential district style

  • Content Creator Pack: Seaside Resorts DLC
    • 29 Service and Unique Buildings

Free update for all players and DLCs owners

  • New Roads added
    • 9 New Small Roads
    • 4 New Large Roads
    • 5 New Highway Roads
  • One-Way Metro Tracks added
  • Quit After Saving option added
  • Fixed: "Allow Intercity Trains" and "Disable University Boost" buttons cannot be disabled
  • Fixed: Airplane models are not displayed properly in the Asset Importer
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of burned-down Terminals
  • Fixed: Collapse flag does not work on bend network segments
  • Fixed: Crime rate icons don't appear on Airport Terminals
  • Fixed: Chirper Balloon icon is missing in the Asset Importer
  • Fixed: Fields, pastures & tree plantations no longer randomize their type/submesh
  • Fixed: Some spelling mistakes
  • Fixed: Names in Simplified Chinese do not display correctly
  • Fixed: "Allow Intercity Trains" is missing or hidden when Simplified Chinese is selected
  • Fixed: Incorrect seating position for Modern Table Set
  • Fixed: Highway bridge towers are missing light props
  • Fixed: Duplicates RequestItemDetails sometimes causes the game to crash
  • Fixed: Vehicles are not highlighted in vehicle selection UI
  • Fixed: Citizens get stuck on large nodes

Patch 1.15.0-f7

Patch 1.15.0-f7 is a hotfix that was released on 2022-09-15.[2]

  • Fixed broken Plazas & Promenades appID on Epic causing DLCs to fail to load
  • Fixed buildings with events not working affecting:
    • ChirpX Launch Site
    • Festival Area (Concerts)
    • Football Stadium (Match Day)
    • Camp Nou, Juventus, Parc des Princes, and Stamford Bridge (Stadiums)
    • Aquatics Center, Basketball Arena, Track and Field Stadium, Baseball Park, and American Football Stadium (Campus)


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