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Patch 1.16.0-f3

Patch 1.16, aka 1.16.0-f3, was announced on 2022-12-12[1] and was released on 2022-12-13[2]. The patch was released alongside the Financial Districts expansion and accompanying minor DLCs.

  • Stock Investments Feature
    • Stock Exchange Building
    • 13 Investment Categories
    • Bank City Service
    • International Trade Building
    • 4 New Plazas
  • New Financial District Specialization
    • 72 New Office Buildings
  • 5 New Maps
    • Gray Waters
    • Narrow Passage
    • River Terrace
    • Windblown Coast
    • Wyvern Pass
  • 2 New Chirper hats
  • 5 New Steam achievements
  • New Chirps

  • 16 New Songs
  • DJ Content

  • 10 New Maps
    • 2 Boreal Maps
    • 4 European Maps
    • 2 Temperate Maps
    • 2 Tropical Maps

Free update for all players and DLCs owners

  • 6 New Color Corrections
    • Cold
    • Dark
    • Faded
    • Neutral
    • Vibrant
    • Warm
  • Additional Citizen Variations
    • 5 New Pets (two new dogs, three cats)
  • Added the ability to select building variation
  • Tooltip text regarding mod compatibility improved
  • Fixed: Two-Lane Road With Tram Tracks missing connecting tram tracks when elevated
  • Fixed: Four-Lane Road With Tram Tracks missing connecting tram tracks when elevated
  • Fixed: Visible gaps are present at the connection of roads and bridges built in steep terrain
  • Fixed: Text overlapping the numerical value field in "Node properties" in the asset editor
  • Fixed: Large Six-Lane Road with Median and Tram Tracks has lower speed than other Large roads
  • Fixed: Double-decker bus capacity 60 appears to be mirrored
  • Fixed: Pedestrian streets with tram tracks missing stone texture for some nodes
  • Fixed: Buses do not always use bus-only lanes on highways
  • Fixed: Connector tram tracks are not visible on intersections of tunnel entrances of Two-Lane Roads with Median and Tram Tracks with multiple other roads with Tram Tracks
  • Fixed: Service Vehicle Selector unavailable for some services
  • Fixed: Problematic intersection on Riverrun map
  • Fixed: Newly added nodes have a few issues in the Road editor

Known issues

  • Trams Capacity 132 and Capacity 72 get "squashed" at stops
  • The Roads & Vehicles buses are invisible in left-hand traffic cities
  • Financial Office specialization cannot be removed from a district


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