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Patch 1.2.0 was released on 2015-09-24[1]. It is the patch that accompanies the After Dark expansion.

Official description

Greetings Chirpies! We're one day from releasing After Dark and figured you all would be interested in what we've done. So with no further ado - patch notes! There's no 100% definite time for when we release tomorrow. Our goal is roughly 15:00 CEST depending on Steam's availability.


The After Dark expansion logo published by Colossal Order.
See also: After Dark
  • Plenty of props and buildings added
  • After dark menu music
  • Loading image variation support
  • New Loading screens
  • District toolbar has been split to 3 tabs: Paint, Industrial specializations and Commercial specializations
  • Economy panel shows specializations in the income and tooltips
  • Economy panel shows taxi
  • Unlocking panel shows new commercial specializations
  • Crime info view has a jail availability, prisoners and capacity
  • Prisoners added
  • Commercial specializations added: Leisure and Tourism
  • Leisure and Beach assets added
  • Unlocking requirements for specializations and new buildings
  • New policies added
  • New Steam achievements added
  • District panel now shows both industrial and commercial specialization
  • Menu logo shows after dark for DLC owners
  • Prisons added
  • Police cars collect criminals
  • Police vans transport criminals to prisons
  • Taxis added to info view legend
  • New strings added, for example bicycles now have a correct info panel
  • International airport added
  • Cargo hub added
  • Taxi service added
  • Bus terminal added
  • Bicycles and bicycle paths working

Free for all players:

  • Service buildings show notification when there is no road access
  • Day/night option added
  • Added icons to info panels of vehicles and citizens
  • Building and attached prop window/illumination/light depends on if building is active / has electricity
  • Night ambient sounds implemented
  • New music implemented for the night
  • Lights go off when a building is on fire
  • Pink Unicorn billboard added!
  • Budget window now has sliders for both day and night time
  • Day/Night transport lines
  • Shoreline now has land value and land value info view shows it even if it is not built yet
  • Content manager: ability to create custom district styles (custom building collections) from downloaded assets to be used on districts
  • District panel now has a drop down allowing to change its style set
  • Added day time control slider in Map and Asset editor
  • Added Day/Night indicator where the zoom/tiles mode button is
  • Visual night and day cycle added
  • Street lights
  • New textures for lighting windows added to existing buildings
  • Modding: Textfields support added to mod options
  • Fixed: Left and right mouse button references in all languages
  • Fixed: PDX Accounts creation lacks countries
  • Fixed: Logged out of paradox account on every return to main menu
  • Fixed: Markers are invisible to the players when placed on an asset in Asset Editor
  • Fixed: Short description text goes out of bounds in Load Asset window if text is too long
  • Fixed: Exploit: It is possible to keep the crime at 0% using only 2 Fire Stations and no Police Stations
  • Fixed: Using Ctrl+backspace to erase your search word in the Content Manager does not bring back the whole list
  • Fixed: Content Manager: Using Ctrl+v in the searchbox does not update the results.
  • Fixed: High density commercial building H2 3x4 Shop04a has its store sign intersecting with the building model
  • Fixed: The industrial H3 1x1 Facility05 building has a flickering metal cargo box.
  • Fixed: Options: The X button applies the new settings on the New Screen Resolution prompt.
  • Fixed: UI : Road upgrades: The road upgrade tooltip does not display long enough.
  • Fixed: Citizens can often be seen going down the metro station's stair case through the handrail.
  • Fixed: Clouds still move in the sky while the simulation is paused.
  • Fixed: Low Health prompt triggered even if you have 0 citizens (only happened when using mods)
  • Fixed: RUS/GER: In the Content Manager, the text of the "Publish" button is a little cut off
  • Fixed: "Reset key mapping" does not follow the capitalization norm of the rest of the buttons
  • Fixed: Advisor start text does not change language when changing language in-game
  • Fixed: Visitors will not leave a building when it is turned off.
  • Fixed: Medium roads can be upgraded to Highways with functional Service buildings connected to them. (Warning added to service buildings not connected to a road.)
  • Fixed: European Theme: The Theatre and the Hypermarket European Unique Buildings are too hard to unlock.
  • Fixed: Sliders in the Options Menu should have indications of their value.
  • Fixed: Content Manager: The Categories title is misplaced.
  • Fixed: Citizens vanish when entered in the Japanese Garden.
  • Fixed: Clicking on the Auto-save option toggles the Auto-open Chirper messages option.
  • Fixed: The Sea-and-Sky Scraper Unique Building has the already built icon displayed at all times.
  • Fixed: Spelling mistake in the information box of the Fire Station building.
  • Fixed: The tooltip for burned down buildings has a low resolution pie chart displaying 0 jobs
  • Fixed: Bulldozing Medical Clinic with patients in it makes them either die or get instahealthy
  • Fixed: Game Crashes on Exit
  • Fixed: Buildings should now spawn with all or their color variations
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Train templates are not working
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Using infoshot and thumbshot tools affect sky rendering
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Custom asset that are set not available in asset editor are available
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Baked LOD textures sometimes don't show correctly for very simple and small assets
  • Fixed: Credits won't start from the beginning when viewed more than once.
  • Fixed: Game flickers when autosaving on all resolutions in Fullscreen, except on 1920x1080
  • Fixed: Sometimes, at the very end of a loading tip, the text of the loading tip will appear corrupted for a split second.
  • Fixed: When switching resolution and applying it from windowed to fullscreen, the aspect ratio is not properly set
  • Fixed: Tiles that don't have buildings (fields, etc.) still have a building construction animation as they build up.
  • Fixed: The "Recreational Use" policy is inconsistent with its description.
  • Fixed: Using the Bulldozer shortkey while in free camera mode prevents the user to deactivate the bulldozer normally.
  • Fixed: When enabling free camera, the camera button disappears but is still clickable
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: All the European designated Wall Ads have incorrect icons.
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: Incorrect icon for the Small Fountain is displayed.
  • Fixed: Options: Keymapping : It is impossible to keymap the middle mouse button.
  • Fixed: The "Average Zoned Buildings Level" text in a district's Info Panel is overlapping with the Level icon.
  • Fixed: Paradox Account: The user is unable to log out of their Paradox account after creating or loading a game in the same game session.
  • Fixed: Map Editor: Possible to use terrain brush through parts of the brush option window
  • Fixed: Options: Clicking on the Auto-save option toggles the Auto-open Chirper messages option.
  • Fixed: People working in a Service Vehicle change name every time they get out.
  • Fixed: Content Manager: Disabling Maps, Savegames, or Assets does not prevent the user to access empty menus.
  • Fixed: Starting a New Game while all Maps are disabled causes a corrupted game.
  • Fixed: Map Editor: The user is able to set a brush strength with a value exceeding 1.
  • Added error message: Saving a save file when the Local Disk is full causes multiple issues.

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