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Patch 1.2.X are all patches beginning with 1.2. There were two hotfixes.


Main article: Patch 1.2


Patch 1.2.1-f1 is a hotfix released on 2015-10-01.


  • Fixed an issue where the game loading could get stuck if a custom asset created prior to the unique building category feature was subscribed.
  • Asset editor: the offset of the car lights for night time caused the lights to always show from the center of the car. Now they are at the right position.
  • Asset editor: the position of the car lights at night time are now exposed in the properties panel.
  • Asset editor: the properties panel now support dragging of a float value so it is easier to visualize position. If an horizontal blue arrow appears when hovering the name of a field, click and drag to increase/decrease the value instead of typing it directly.
  • Asset editor: the default category selection when selecting a car template was incorrect, now it is correct.


Patch 1.2.2-f2 is a hotfix released on 2015-11-05.


  • Zone limit increased 50%
  • Building limit increased 50%
  • Road segment limit increased 12,5%
  • Fixed some issues when loading saves with missing assets.
  • Commercial specializations exposed in the Asset Editor for DLC owners
  • Fixed an issue where pre-DLC vehicles would fail to load in the Asset Editor
  • AfterDark badge added on top of assets thumbnails in the Template selector of the asset editor which uses AfterDark only features
  • Content Manager also disable the asset using DLC feature which wont work in the base game and offer a link to the DLC store page
  • Fixed Tropical and European cliff textures showing disgusting lines
  • After Dark expansion: Text: UI: The mouse over text of the Specializations income is incorrect.
  • After Dark expansion: LOC: RUS: Asset Editor: The "Day/Night Control" text is cut off.
  • After Dark expansion: Text: Menu: Incorrect mouse over tooltip text for Prisoners and Cyclists in the City Statistics menu.
  • Fixed tree lod shadow clipping with tall trees
  • Fixed bikes coming out of the plane at airports
  • Updated the storage method for Paradox account credentials
  • Fixed the day/night control slider label position in Map and Asset editor