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Patch 1.5.0-f4[1] was released on 2016-06-09 alongside Match Day.

Match Day

  • Football Stadium
  • Football match mechanics
  • Possibility to customize football team colour
  • New policies
  • New Chirps
  • New Chirper hat

Patch notes

  • Pre-order content added to the base game!
  • Email subscription included on the Paradox account creation page
  • Fixed: 'Unsubscribe All' and 'Add style' are inconsistent with rest of the buttons in Content Manager under Style and Steam Workshop tabs
  • Fixed: Incorrect lighting on H2 3x2 Office13 building during day
  • Fixed: {0} symbol appear next to the price while buying new tile in DE
  • Fixed: Solar Plant producing lower amount of energy during night (Solar power plant now produces 70% of the daytime output during the night)
  • Fixed: Parks & Recreation policy mentioned the Decoration budget (now Decoration is removed)
  • Fixed: Map Editor: Saving a new map (in the map editor) and then loading it result in broken map
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Design: Tourism Specialization does not attract more tourists
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Bikers stands backwards when waiting at a red light
  • Fixed: LOC: GER: The "Young Adults" text in a district's Info Panel is cut off
  • Fixed: Text: Names exceeding 14 characters are cut-off
  • Fixed: Text: UI: The text fields of citizens or vehicles info panels can overlap when using long custom names
  • Fixed: UI: The number of unread chirps overlaps city notifications, causing it to flicker as well
  • Fixed: Text: UI: Several characters are cut off when displayed in the City Name text field, of the New Game panel
  • Fixed: Bus doors are on the wrong side when using left hand traffic
  • Fixed: Snowplow blade face the wrong way when using left hand traffic
  • Fixed: Landscaping: Tooltip for "Parks and Recreation" policy in milestone menu mentions "Decoration"
  • Fixed: LOC: RU: The text box for "Cost: {0} / cell" ("Стоимость: {0} / клетка") is overlapping in Hydro Power Plant info