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Police Services[edit | edit source]

Police services are needed to maintain law and order in the city.

Police stations and headquarters will send out patrol cars, which patrol the city's roads and reduce crime (as viewed in the crime info view) in the buildings they pass. Each car will work a shift before returning to base. These cars will also race to emergency calls in specific buildings when they occur. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, it will pick up the criminal and either return to the station, patrol, or respond to another call. Police cars can carry a maximum of three criminals back to the station.

Police services will increase the well-being of the citizens and reduce crime in the city. Unemployment and general unhappiness in the city will increase crime.

The "Intelligence Agency" is from the Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings DLC. It is described as being responsible for mass surveillance and covert operations. In-game it is functionally identical to a police station or headquarters, with a cell capacity of 15 criminals and 20 police cars.

The "Police Helicopter Depot" is from the Natural Disasters DLC. Up to three police helicopters can operate from each depot on a 100% budget to patrol the city, reducing crime as they go. Each one patrols for a shift and then returns to the depot. Sometimes, they will search for criminals, which is similar to a police car responding to an emergency call, except they will not pick up the criminal. You can tell if the helicopter is in this mode if the searchlight is on.

Prisons[edit | edit source]

Prisons are part of the revised crime logic that increases the likelihood of criminal activity. The revised logic has police chasing, arresting, and transporting criminals to Police Stations or Police Headquarters. The Police Stations have holding cells with a capacity to hold 20 criminals and cannot hold them for very long. Police Headquarters have holding cells with a capacity to hold 60 criminals.

There is no justice system in the new logic and those who are arrested are considered guilty. When the police stations become full the Prison dispatches vans and picks up the inmates to begin their sentences. Sentences are 15 game weeks long. Some are released earlier for "good conduct" while others stay for a longer time. Some will be rehabilitated and less likely to resume their criminal activities while others will return to their errant ways. Each Prison has enough cells to hold 500 prisoners. Prison vans can each transport 20 criminals between police stations and prison, and each prison can field five vans.

If a Prison is demolished, the prisoners are released. As they have not served their full term, they are not rehabilitated and are very likely to resume their criminal activity.[1]

When the Harsh Prison Sentences policy is active, the prison sentences are twice as long as usual and the harsh verdicts keep the worst felons off the streets for longer, causing a reduction in crime rate.

Police buildings[edit | edit source]

Building Unlocked Cost
Pollution Noise
DLC Notes
High-Capacity Police Headquarters.png
High-Capacity Police Headquarters
Big Town 95,000 2,400 0 0 960 1,920 × DLC icon Plazas and Promenades.png Prisoner capacity: 80
Patrol Car Capacity: 40
Historical Police Station.png
Historical Police Station
? 8,000 400 0 0 240 240 × DLC icon seaside resorts.png Prisoner capacity: ??
Patrol Car Capacity: 4
Intelligence agency.png
Intelligence Agency
Busy Town 60,000 1,600 0 25 800 1,280 10×8 DLC icon ccp high-tech buildings.png Effectively a Police Station.
Prisoner capacity: 15
Patrol Car Capacity: 20
Police Headquarters.png
Police Headquarters
Police Headquarters EU.png
European Police Headquarters
Busy Town 60,000 1,600 0 0 480 1,280 6×4
- Prisoner Capacity: 60
Patrol car capacity: 25
Police helicopter depot.png
Police Helicopter Depot
Big Town 60,000 1,600 0 15 160 1600 14×8 DLC icon natural disasters.png Helicopters patrol city reducing crime.
Police helicopter capacity: 3
Police Security Center.png
Police Security Center
Worthy Village 8,000 240 0 0 128 320 2×1 DLC icon heart of korea.png Prisoner capacity: ??
Patrol Car capacity: 8
Police Station.png
Police Station
Police Station EU.png
European Police Station
Worthy Village 12,000 480 0 0 240 640 4×3
- Prisoner Capacity: 20
Patrol car capacity: 10
Big Town 120,000 2,400 0 100 1,120 1,920 15×9 DLC icon after dark.png Prison vans pick up prisoners from police stations and transfer them to the prison.
Prisoner Capacity: 500
Prison van capacity: 5
Sentences are 1 game week long, unless the prisoner is transferred to a prison.

Police Academy[edit | edit source]

Building a Police Academy Unique Faculty within a Trade School Campus Area will result in:

  • Increased jail cell capacity.
  • Increased police patrol car quantity.
  • Increased police efficiency.

School of Law[edit | edit source]

Building a School of Law Unique Faculty within a University Campus Area will result in:

  • Reduced city-wide Police Department upkeep.
  • Reduced city-wide crime rate.

Service Vehicle Selector[edit | edit source]

In order to change the vehicles spawned by a police station, click on the building to bring up the info panel. If there is more than one type of police vehicle model available then there will be a button to change the model used in the bottom right of the info panel. The base game includes one police car model and additional models are available in the Steam Workshop or in DLCs such as the Vehicles of the World Content Creator Pack. Police vans dispatched by prisons are not available to police station buildings, and there is no selector for prisons.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

• Service buildings that don't require road access will never experience crime or fire. It will only complain when it isn't connected to its grid, preventing servicing the city.

• Expensive buildings built by player have low chances of crime or fire.

References[edit | edit source]

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