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DLC icon ecp stadiums.png European Club Pack
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Cities: Skylines' "Stadiums" Content Pack Release Trailer.
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Stadiums: European Club Pack is a DLC for Cities: Skylines, and it was released on 18 October 2016. It requires the free DLC Match Day, as it makes use of the 'match mechanics' from that add on. It was removed from the store on 28 September 2017 and is no longer available for purchase.

Official Description[edit]

"Get your citizens cheering for their favorite football clubs -- and yours! The European Club Pack brings real-world clubs into your in-game cities, adding the iconic teams and their stadiums to the game. Let your town root for FC Barcelona, Chelsea Football Club, Juventus Football Club, and Paris Saint-Germain, and celebrate Match Day like never before!"


  • Four new stadiums modeled after real-world arenas
  • Officially licensed logos and team colors
  • Handle the increased traffic to your stadium on match day -- and reap the revenue from tickets

Note: In-game stats for noise pollution, seating capacity, purchase cost and upkeep for the stadiums are all identical to the generic stadium from Match Day.