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Unique Factories were added by the Industries expansion DLC, and being unique buildings, only one of each may be built in a city. While unique, these factories are not a part of the Unique Buildings category.

All Unique Factories produce Luxury goods.png Luxury Goods from Special Goods which cannot be imported – you must use Processing Buildings to manufacture them within your city.[1]

Special goods are made by the Industry Area processing buildings.

There is one Unique Factory for each industry type that can be built without having any other industry type. All other Unique Factories require at least two industries to function.

Factory Stats[edit | edit source]

Building Level
Pollution Noise
Furniture Factory.png Furniture Factory Forestry 2 22,000 320 15 15 480 1,600 8x16 2,400
Bakery.png Bakery Farming 2 20,000 288 5 10 640 1,200 9x7 3,840
Industrial Steel Plant.png Industrial Steel Plant Mining 2 75,000 800 25 50 640 3,200 14x34 6,400
Household Plastic Factory.png Household Plastic Factory Drilling 2 50,000 480 20 20 400 1,600 10x12 3,200
Toy Factory.png Toy Factory Drilling 3 100,000 880 20 25 480 1,600 14x8 6,400
Printing Press.png Printing Press Forestry 3 52,000 560 20 20 640 2,400 10x12 3,840
Lemonade Factory.png Lemonade Factory Farming 3 50,000 480 5 10 3,200 1,600 16x32 3,200
Electronics Factory.png Electronics Factory Mining 3 150,000 1,280 20 20 320 320 16x32 6,720
Clothing Factory.png Clothing Factory Farming 4 100,000 880 15 20 800 2,240 10x24 6,400
Petroleum Refinery.png Petroleum Refinery Drilling 4 175,000 1,360 70 70 480 2,720 19x28 8,000
Soft Paper Factory.png Soft Paper Factory Forestry 4 100,000 960 30 50 2,880 2,800 24x32* 7,680
Car Factory.png Car Factory Mining 4 300,000 2,400 25 25 560 4,000 30x36 8,320
Food Factory.png Food Factory Farming 5 200,000 1,200 20 25 1,600 2,400 32x8 9,600
Sneaker Factory.png Sneaker Factory Drilling 5 250,000 1,920 20 20 560 1,440 8x23 11,200
Modular House Factory.png Modular House Factory Forestry 5 180,000 1,360 20 30 640 3,200 16x40 10,880
Shipyard.png Shipyard Mining 5 550,000 3,200 40 30 480 4,800 12x? 12,800

*The Soft Paper Factory has an 8x16 cutout on the road side of the building. It only requires 16 cells by the road.

Special Goods Requirements[edit | edit source]

In addition to the various Special Goods required, note that some of the Unique Factories also use "Crops", a Raw Resource.

Building Planed Timber Paper Crops Animal Products Flour Metal Glass Petroleum Plastic
Furniture Factory Planed timber.png Paper.png
Bakery Crops.png Animal products.png Flour.png
Industrial Steel Plant Metals.png
Household Plastic Factory Petroleum.png Plastics.png
Toy Factory Planed timber.png Paper.png Plastics.png
Printing Press Paper.png Plastics.png
Lemonade Factory Crops.png Glass.png
Electronics Factory Metals.png Glass.png Plastics.png
Clothing Factory Crops.png Animal products.png Plastics.png
Petroleum Refinery Metals.png Petroleum.png Plastics.png
Soft Paper Factory Paper.png Crops.png Petroleum.png Plastics.png
Car Factory Animal products.png Metals.png Glass.png Plastics.png
Food Factory Paper.png Animal products.png Flour.png Plastics.png
Sneaker Factory Paper.png Crops.png Petroleum.png Plastics.png
Modular House Factory Planed timber.png Metals.png Glass.png Plastics.png
Shipyard Planed timber.png Metals.png Glass.png Plastics.png

Production Rate and Economics[edit | edit source]

The production rate of every unique factory is affected by a slider that goes from 50% to 150%. The production rate is then multiplied by the Industry Budget based on the equation of budget efficiency. The upkeep of the unique factories are also affected by the production slider and Industry Budget but it is not affected by the budget efficiency.

Using the Furniture Factory as an example at 150% production rate and 150% industry budget:

1,000 units / 1 ton of Luxury Goods can be exported or sold to commercial shops for ₡1,000. This means that running the industry budget at 150% can greatly increase your profits if most of your income comes from Unique Factories as the income gained from selling the goods greatly exceed the increase in upkeep. If you have the Campus DLC, constructing a School of Science in a University Campus Area will further increase the amount of money gained from selling Luxury Goods by a large amount.

The Shipyard[edit | edit source]

The Shipyard has a unique mechanic among the Unique Factories. It only creates cruise ships that logically cannot be sold to commercial shops as it is too big to fit in one and is too expensive for the average person to buy. Instead; when the Luxury Goods storage of the shipyard becomes full, the cruise ship will immediately be exported without needing trucks or vans to ship it.

References[edit | edit source]

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