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DLC icon vehicles of the world.png Vehicles of the World
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Vehicles of the World is a content creator pack for Cities: Skylines made by "bsquiklehausen". It was announced on 2022-01-10[1] and was released on 2022-01-25 alongside the Airports expansion DLC, the Content Creator Pack Map Pack as well as the Calm the Mind Radio and On Air Radio music pack DLCs.

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

Tired of the same old cars? well, lucky you! A set of 21 new vehicle assets from around the globe have just been added! brought to you by bsquiklehausen. Fill the streets of your cities with iconic service vehicles, like a Police Supercar and more!

  • Two ambulances
  • Two fire trucks
  • Two police vehicles
  • Two garbage trucks
  • Two hearses
  • Four buses
  • Four metro trains
  • Three trains

New Vehicles/Gameplay Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Along with the 21 vehicles mentioned above, the pack also introduces gameplay mechanics related to the top speed, acceleration, and capacity of the vehicles. The benefits and drawbacks of each vehicle in the pack are listed below.

Ambulances[edit | edit source]
  • Fly Car Ambulance: Fly cars have less capacity and fit in traffic better due to how small it is.
  • Large Ambulance: Has more capacity and high top speed.
Fire Engines[edit | edit source]
  • Large Fire Engine: Extremely large, holds 6 people (3 spray with hoses and 3 go inside the building).
  • Mini Fire Engine: Extremely small, holds 2 people (one sprays and one goes inside), fits in traffic better due to their size.
Police Vehicles[edit | edit source]
  • Police Supercar: Has less capacity, must return to the station for a tuneup after every crime, fits in traffic better, and is faster.
  • Mobile Command Center: Extremely large and can hold many criminals.
Garbage Management[edit | edit source]
  • Small Garbage Truck: Lower capacity but smaller size.
  • Large Garbage Truck: Higher capacity but slower speed and acceleration.
Hearses[edit | edit source]
  • Luxury hearse: Lower capacity.
  • Coroner’s Van: Higher capacity but lower top speed.
Buses[edit | edit source]
  • Bendy Bus: Holds 70 passengers but can block traffic while stopped.
  • Super Bendy Bus: Holds 100 passengers, making it the highest-capaciy bus in the vanilla game, but it can block traffic easily.
  • Double Decker Bus: Holds 60 passengers but is very slow.
  • Minibus: Holds 20 passengers, is very nimble, and is shorter than a regular bus.
Metros[edit | edit source]
  • Subway Train: Holds 400 passengers and has high top speed, but has slow acceleration.
  • Underground Train: Holds 300 passengers, and has an average top speed and fast acceleration.
  • High Capacity Metro: Holds 500 passengers.
  • S-Bahn Train: Holds 204 passengers, and has a high top speed and fast acceleration.
Trains[edit | edit source]
  • Bullet Train: Holds 200 passengers and has a high top speed.
  • High Speed Train: Holds 300 passengers and has an average top speed.
  • Commuter Train: Holds 400 passengers and has a lower top speed.

Official screenshots[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Vehicles of The World by bsquiklehausen (Content Creator Pack) announcement trailer. (2022-01-10)
In-Depth Look at Vehicles of the World CCP by bsquiklehausen. (2022-01-27)
NEW Vehicles of the World Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator! (2022-01-22)

References[edit | edit source]

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