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DLC icon vehicles of the world.png Vehicles of the World
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Vehicles of the World is a content creator pack for Cities: Skylines made by "bsquiklehausen". It was announced on 2022-01-10[1] and was released on 2022-01-25 alongside the Airports expansion DLC, the Content Creator Pack Map Pack as well as the Calm the Mind Radio and On Air Radio music pack DLCs.

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

A set of 21 new vehicle assets from around the globe, brought to you by bsquiklehausen. Fill the streets of your cities with iconic service vehicles, like a Police Supercar and more!

  • Two ambulances
  • Two fire trucks
  • Two police vehicles
  • Two garbage trucks
  • Two hearses
  • Four buses
  • Four metro trains
  • Three trains

New capacity/Gameplay features[edit | edit source]

Along with the 21 new vehicles mentioned above, there are also some new game mechanics related to top speed, acceleration, and capacity.

Ambulances:[edit | edit source]
  • Fly Car Ambulance: Fly cars have less capacity and fit in traffic better due to how small it is.
  • Large Ambulance: Has more capacity and high top speed
Fire Engines:[edit | edit source]
  • Large Fire Engine: Extremely Large. Holds 6 people (3 spray with hoses and 3 go inside the building)
  • Mini Fire Engine: Extremely small, holds 2 people (one sprays and one goes inside), fits in traffic better due to their size
Police Vehicles:[edit | edit source]
  • Police Supercar: Has less capacity, must return to the station for a tuneup after every crime, fits in traffic better, and is faster.
  • Mobile Command Center: Extremely large and can hold many criminals
Garbage Management:[edit | edit source]
  • Small Garbage Truck: Lower capacity but smaller size
  • Large Garbage Truck: Higher capacity but slower speed and acceleration
Hearses:[edit | edit source]
  • Luxury hearse: Lower capacity
  • Coroner’s Van: Higher capacity but lower top speed
Buses:[edit | edit source]
  • Bendy Bus: holds 70 passengers but can block traffic while stopped
  • Super Bendy Bus: Holds 100 passengers (Highest capacity bus, but very long. Can block traffic and create traffic jams easily)
  • Double Decker Bus: Holds 60 passengers but is very slow
  • Minibus: Holds 20 passengers
Metros:[edit | edit source]

Subway Train: Holds 400 passengers and has high top speed, but has slow acceleration

Underground Train: Holds 300 passengers

High Capacity Metro: Holds 500 passengers

S-Bahn Train: Holds 204 passengers, and has high top speed and fast acceleration

Trains:[edit | edit source]

Bullet Train: Holds 200 Passengers and has a high top speed

High Speed Train: Holds 300 passengers and has an average top speed

Commuter Train: Holds 400 Passengers and has a lower top speed

Official screenshots[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Vehicles of The World by bsquiklehausen (Content Creator Pack) announcement trailer. (2022-01-10)
In-Depth Look at Vehicles of the World CCP by bsquiklehausen. (2022-01-27)
NEW Vehicles of the World Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator! (2022-01-22)

References[edit | edit source]

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