Cities: Skylines Wiki

The controls of Cities: Skylines can be edited through the options menu. The default settings are as follows:

Key Function
B Activate / Deactivate Bulldoze tool
W, A, S, D Scroll up, left, down, right
Z, X Zoom in, out
E, Q Rotate counter-clockwise, clockwise
R Pan camera upwards
F Pan camera downwards
SPACE, 1, 2, 3 Timeflow speed: paused, normal, faster, fastest
←Esc Exit tool/Pause Menu
4 Low residential zoning
5 High residential zoning
6 Low commercial zoning
7 High commercial zoning
8 Industrial zoning
9 Office zoning
0 De-zoning
F11, F12, ⇧Shift + F12 Screenshot, Steam screenshot, High resolution Screenshot
Page Up/Page Down Build elevation up/down
F1 Quicksave
Y Select game areas
U Unlocking panel
I Info views
Middle Mouse Button Rotate camera tool

Note: Quickload used to be mapped to F4, but as of Patch 1.11.0, it is no longer mapped to any key by default. The player may map it back to that key or other preferred key in the OPTIONS menu, under KEYMAPPING in the "In-Game" category. Care should be exercised however, as accidentally Quickloading could cause a loss of unsaved work.

Map editor specific controlsEdit

Key Function
^Ctrl + Z Undo
Keypad +, - Increase/decrease brush size
⇧Shift + Keypad +, ⇧Shift + Keypad - Increase/decrease brush strength