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File:Green cities banner.png
The Green Cities banner.

Green Cities is a DLC which is the fifth expansion for Cities: Skylines and was announced on 2017-08-22. [1] [2]

Official description

Answer the Call of Nature

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities is adding new ways for players to build earth-friendly towns. The expansion adds 350 new assets to the core game, adding a massive selection of new visual options, complete with eco-friendly buildings, organic shops, electric vehicles, and new services designed to make pollution a quaint notion of the past.

Players can create more diversified cities, or go completely green as the urban population grows.New in-game services and buildings arrive alongside revisions to noise and environmental pollution, making the skies safer for Chirper at last.


  • Story to Story, Building to Building, Street to Street: New Eco-Friendly Buildings, New specialization buildings, new alternative service buildings, new unique buildings, electric cars, new parks -- 350 new assets in all giving a unique new look to Cities: Skylines
  • I Wish I Was Special, You’re So Very Special: New specialized options for all city zones, plus leveled-up specializations for the first time in Cities: Skylines
  • So What So What So What’s the Scenario: 3 new scenarios, 4 new policy options, and a new Monument to make your friends Green with envy
  • Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear More Stylish: Of course we’ve included a new hat for Chirper.


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