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DLC icon industries.png Industries
Industries banner.jpg
Release date / Patch
2018-10-23 / 1.11

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Industries is the 7th expansion pack for Cities: Skylines. It was announced on 2018-10-11[1] and was released on 2018-10-23[2] alongside Synthetic Dawn Radio and Patch 1.11.

Official Description

Industries become a larger and more meaningful part of the game with this expansion! Players can customize their industrial areas with supply chains for the four different resource types and unique factories. Well managed industry areas will level up and become more efficient. Aside from production chains, there is a new city service for handling mail and the cargo airport eases import and export of factory goods. There are FIVE new maps, new policies, new city services, new buildings!

Expansion features

  • MAKE IT HAPPEN - Follow your products from harvesting to processing, storage and production, then transport them to commercial zones or export to other cities.
  • CAPTAIN YOUR OWN INDUSTRIES - Define an area with the industry area tool and place highly specialized industrial buildings to build and manage the production chain from raw material extraction up to final end product. Industry Areas are divided into four types based on the natural resource they are processing: Farming, Forest, Ore and Oil. These areas can level up upon reaching productions goals and staffing requirements.
  • BUILD IT UP, BUTTERCUP - New industrial buildings include Extractors, Warehouse Facilities, Processing and Auxiliary Buildings, Industrial Props and Roads. Unique Factories, such as Food, Toy, Furniture, Car and Electronics produce luxury products, and require a large number of workers, water and electricity as well as input from your industries.
  • SHIP IT - Manage traffic and logistics with industrial warehouses and the use of the new Cargo Services including a cargo airport.
  • GO POSTAL - Boost your citizens’ well-being with mail delivery and collection services. Post sorting facilities handle mail between outside connections and the post offices, and new Post Van and Truck vehicles enable the carriage.
  • WORK HARD - Three new Industry Policies and four City-wide Policies, including Workers’ Union, Sorting, Tolls, Wi-Fi, Logistics, Work Safety and Automation.
  • FIVE NEW MAPS - Rich in natural resources, transportation options and industrial opportunities, these new maps have all the right stuff.
  • Four new hats for Chirper!
  • Seven Steam achievements

Free features

  • Toll booths and toll roads
  • Mark zoned buildings as historical
  • Custom name lists for citizens, districts and spawned buildings
  • New industry train cars
  • New items added to Asset Editor

Official screenshots

New Service Buildings

Unique Factories

Main article: Unique Factories


Main article: Warehouses

Farming Industry buildings

Forestry Industry buildings

Oil Industry buildings

Ore Industry buildings

New Roads

Main article: Roads

Toll Booths

Main article: Roads#Toll Booths

Toll booths are free with Patch 1.11.0 and are available to all.

Official Videos

"Cities: Skylines - Industries" gameplay reveal trailer. (2018-10-12)
"Cities: Skylines - Industries" release trailer. (2018-10-23)
Industry Areas with Two Dollars Twenty - Industries Tutorial Part 1. (2019-06-19)
Supply Chain with Two Dollars Twenty - Industries Tutorial Part 2. (2019-06-19)
Factories with Two Dollars Twenty - Industries Tutorial Part 3. (2019-06-20)
Industry Levels with Two Dollars Twenty - Industries Tutorial Part 4. (2019-06-23)
Maps & Policies with Two Dollars Twenty - Industries Tutorial Part 5. (2019-06-23)
New Services with Two Dollars Twenty - Industries Tutorial Part 6. (2019-06-24)
Free Update with Two Dollars Twenty - Industries Tutorial Part 7. (2019-06-24)
Adding Agriculture to Your Industry Chain with TheTimeister. (2019-10-05)
Oil Industry From Start To Finish with TheTimeister. (2019-11-09)
Establishing Your Ore Industry with TheTimeister. (2019-12-07)
Grow Your Forestry Industry with TheTimeister. (2020-01-15)

Unofficial Guides

Industries DLC Tutorial

Patch notes

Patch 1.11.0

Main article: Patch 1.11.0

Paid content Industries expansion:

  • Industry Area Tool
  • Industry Area levels
  • Post Office City Service
  • Small and Medium Industry roads
  • 4 Industry Area types and new buildings for each
    • Forestry
    • Farming
    • Ore
    • Oil
  • New Industry props added to Asset Editor
  • New vehicles
  • Warehouses and storage buildings
  • Cargo Airport and Cargo Airport Hub
  • 16 Unique Factories
  • Auxiliary Buildings for each Industry Area
  • New worker models
  • New animals models and markers
  • 5 New Industries maps:
    • Twin Fjords
    • Marble Canyon
    • Woodgarden
    • Green Peaks
    • Pearl Bay
  • More Chirps
  • 3 New City-wide and 3 New Industry Policies
  • 4 New Chirper hats
  • 7 New Steam achievements

Patch 1.11.1

Main article: Patch_1.11.X#1.11.1
  • Fixed: Cargo planes circle and use buildings that do not otherwise have any plane traffic
  • Fixed: Zoned industry buildings are missing notification tooltips when building does not have enough resources
  • Fixed: Raw Forest Products is cut off in PL in Industry Area Info Panel, extractors' and processing buildings' info panels
  • Fixed: "Flours" should be renamed to "Flour"
  • Fixed: What's New Panel Post City Service slide has a text issue
  • Fixed: The appearance selection of Industry Buildings with multiple appearances should be remembered when building new buildings
  • Fixed: Vehicles can't cross the center line of Small Industry roads
  • Fixed: Player does not get income from Exporting Industry Goods through Ship/Train/Plane connections
  • Fixed: Unique Factories' glass resource is using 'or' instead of 'and' in the tooltip
  • Fixed: Car Factory has no audio
  • Fixed: Area level-up panel is not fully localized when Player is using Unlock All Mod
  • Fixed: Area level-up panel has incorrect text when Player is using Unlock All Mod
  • Fixed: When Player has Unlock All mod enabled there shouldn't be any Level-up panel shown at the start of the game
  • Fixed: Unique Factories "Production Rate" slider affects the available trucks for the Unique Factory
  • Fixed: Tooltip for UFPANEL_MATERIALCOST and UFPANEL_PRODUCTIONVALUE are mixed between each other
  • Fixed: ZH Synthetic Dawn Radio and Industries DLC Tooltips are not fully translated
  • Fixed: Tooltip for total upkeep for a Industry Area info panel is not implemented
  • Fixed: Offshore Assets achievement description can be misleading
  • Fixed: RU "Exporting Unique Factory products" vehicle status overflows
  • Fixed: Unique Factory Product in Custom Made Unique Factories are missing it's correct string (fixed only in EN)
  • Fixed: Raw Materials Storage outside of an Industry Area does not have expenses from importing Raw Materials

Patch 1.12.0

Main article: Patch 1.12.0
  • Fixed: Industry Area building can change appearance when they are on fire
  • Fixed: Budget slider for Industry Areas also affects Auxiliary buildings
  • Fixed: Tooltips in Industry Areas Info View can get misplaced when the Info View Panel is moved
  • Fixed: New fences from Industries DLC are not accessible through Landscaping and Disasters construction menu if Parklife DLC is not enabled
  • Fixed: Icon in Warehouses for "Zoned Industry - Farming Products" is incorrect
  • Fixed: Free Wi-Fi policy does not affect Industry Building
  • Fixed: Forestry Workers' Barracks is missing textures underneath the asset
  • Fixed: Tutorial Tag to prompt player to build Processing Plant points at incorrect building
  • Fixed: Forestry Resources at New Game Choose Scenario panel has wrong icon
  • Fixed: Custom made Processing and Extractor buildings are missing strings in their World Info Panel
  • Fixed: 'Garbage is piling up' and 'New services' tutorial tags are using Industries factory icon even when player does not own industries
  • Fixed: Barrel Pallet 01 and 02 have too many polygons

Patch 1.13.0

Main article: Patch 1.13.0
  • Fixed: Park and Industry Areas are highlighted in Education info view > University tab for players who do not have Campus DLC enabled
  • Fixed: Naphtha Cracker Plant has typo in asset name
  • Fixed: Trucks from Industry Area buildings are marked as City Service vehicles in Traffic Info View
  • Fixed: Rebuild button of Warehouses and Raw Material Storage does not fit the building info panel in DE, RU
  • Fixed: Unable to trigger Tutorial tag for Warehouses
  • Fixed: Offshore Assets achievement description can be misleading

Dev diaries

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Industries expansion and patches 1.11 and 1.11.X.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Industries Dev Diary #1 Introduction to the Industries DLC. 2018-10-11
2 Industries Dev Diary #2: Industry Areas Creating your Industry Area, Types of Industry Areas, Industry Area Info view and Industry Areas Overview, Benefit of having Industry Areas in your city. 2018-10-12
3 Industries Dev Diary #3: Supply chain part 1 Extractor Buildings, Raw Material Storage Buildings, Processing Buildings, Unique Factories, Auxiliary Buildings. 2018-10-15
4 Industries Dev Diary #4: Supply chain part 2 Industry Area Info Panel, Resource types, Unique Factories. 2018-10-16
5 Industries Dev Diary #5: Industry Area levelling Main Buildings, Industry Area levelling, Leveling Requirements, Leveling with benefits. 2018-10-17
6 Industries Dev Diary #6: Maps and policies Five new maps, 3 new City-wide Policies and 3 new Industry Policies, New models and props. 2018-10-18
7 Industries Dev Diary #7: Cargo Cargo Services, Warehouses, Cargo Airport, Cargo Airport Hub, Post Office City Service, Post Office, Post Sorting Facility. 2018-10-19
8 Industries Dev Diary #8: Free Update Toll Booths, Make Building Historical, Modding: Custom random names, Asset Editor. 2018-10-22
9 CO word of the week #4 - 48/2018: After Industries release! Reddit AMA, release party, bug reports and fixing, feedback, Christmas songs, Chirper hat. 2018-11-26
10 Holiday Dev Diary Part 1 - Surprise Patch Included! Patch 1.11.1-f2, new Christmas songs, Chirper hat, winter maps, "Winter Market" Unique Building. 2018-12-13
11 Holiday Dev Diary Part 2 - Show Me the Music! Making three new Christmas songs to add to 2017's "Carols, Candles and Candy" free DLC. 2018-12-14