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Release date / Patch
2016-02-20 / 1.3

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Snowfall is a DLC which is the second expansion for Cities: Skylines and was released on 2016-02-20[1] alongside the 1.3 patch. Snowfall is also avaliable with the Nintendo Switch Edition of Cities Skylines for free, built into the game as well as the After Dark DLC.

Official DescriptionEdit

Snowfall is the second expansion to Cities: Skylines, the award-winning city-building game from Colossal Order. In Snowfall, players’ cities will be covered in snow or glisten in the rain thanks to a new in-game weather system, while their civic expertise is tested by the new challenges of running a city when the temperature falls. Snowplows will clear the streets, heating systems will run from home to home, and new trams will shuttle citizens about town in an improved public transit interface. All of these features will keep players on their toes – while their cities twinkle in the snow under new weather visuals.


Snowfall is, as the name suggests, focused on the impact of winter weather on cities. Features include:

Official screenshotsEdit

New BuildingsEdit


Service BuildingsEdit

Unique BuildingsEdit

New RoadsEdit

Snowfall was released with two tram tracks and three new roads with tram tracks.

The 1.15.1 patch added 8 additional roads with tram tracks to Snowfall.

The 1.15.1 patch also added four more roads for users with both Snowfall and After Dark, so roads can have both tram tracks and bicycle lanes.

The 1.15.1 patch also added six more roads for users with both Snowfall and Plazas and Promenades, so pedestrian roads can have tram tracks. There are small and large pedestrian roads with tram tracks in each of the three variations. Users who have both expansions will have these available to use in their cities.

Official VideosEdit

Cities: Skylines "Snowfall" reveal trailer. (2016-01-19)
Cities: Skylines "Snowfall" release trailer. (2016-02-18)

Patch notesEdit

Patch 1.3.0Edit

Main article: Patch 1.3.0
  • Winter theme added
  • 3 winter maps
  • 3 new winter parks
  • 4 new landmark buildings
  • Snow (generated on buildings)
  • Snowfall
  • Northern lights
  • Chirper variations and new chirps
  • Winter citizens
  • Winter trees
  • Winter props
  • Cars slow down on snow
  • Some twinkle!
  • New sounds
  • New music
  • Winter versions for a few After Dark growables added
  • Tram added
  • Tram rails, electricity poles and models
  • Tram roads and bridges/tunnels
  • Tram stops
  • Tram depot
  • Thumbnails and tooltips
  • Added to the public transport Info view
  • Added to the economy panel
  • Snow plows, that remove the snow from roads, and snow dump
  • Heating
  • Pipes
  • Geothermal Heating Plant
  • Boiler Station
  • Road maintenance service
  • Road maintenance truck and depot
  • Road condition affects car speed
  • Sauna
  • Temperature affects electricity and heat consumption
  • 8 new Steam achievements
  • 4 new policies
  • New loading tips
  • New loading images

Patch 1.5.0Edit

Main article: Patch 1.5.0
  • Fixed: Snowplow blade face the wrong way when using left hand traffic

Patch 1.8.0Edit

Main article: Patch 1.8.0
  • Snowfall DLC icons are shown next to Snowfall built-in maps in new game panel
  • Added 'Priority Road' option for standalone Tram tracks

Patch 1.9.0Edit

Main article: Patch 1.9.0
  • Fixed: The Studded Tires policy does not mention its cost in its tooltip
  • Fixed: No tutorial for snow clearing or heating

Patch 1.10.0Edit

Main article: Patch 1.10.0
  • Fixed: Missing Snowfall icon on Snowfall maps in new scenario panel
  • Fixed: Geothermal Heating Plant description overlaps with Water/week info text in multiple localisations

Patch 1.11.1Edit

Main article: 1.11.1
  • Added 2 new winter theme maps, Winter Hills and Frozenshire
  • Fixed: Notification tooltip for 'Not enough heat' is overflown from the screen in RU

Patch 1.13.0Edit

Main article: Patch 1.13.0
  • Fixed: Loading to a Winter theme save directly from European theme can get player stuck with an error

Patch 1.15.1Edit

Main article: 1.15.1


  • Tram - Capacity 90
  • Tram - Capacity 80
  • Tram - Capacity 65
  • Tram - Capacity 70
  • Tram - Capacity 72
  • Tram - Capacity 105
  • Tram - Capacity 132
  • Tram - Capacity 110
  • Tram - Capacity 140
  • Tram - Capacity 114
  • Tram - Capacity 130
  • Tram - Capacity 116
  • Six-Lane Road with Median and Tram Tracks
  • Four-Lane Road with Tram Tracks and Trees
  • Two-Lane Road with Tram Tracks
  • Four-Lane Road with Tram Tracks
  • Six-Lane Road with Tram Tracks
  • Six-Lane Road with Decorative Grass and Tram Tracks
  • Six-Lane Road with Decorative Trees and Tram Tracks
  • Two-Lane Road with Median and Tram Tracks



  • Six-Lane Road with Bicycle Lanes and Tram Tracks
  • Four-Lane Road with Bicycle Lanes and Tram Tracks
  • Two-Lane Road with Median, Tram Tracks and Bicycle Lanes
  • Six-Lane Road with Tram Tracks, Bus and Bicycle Lanes



  • Small Sandstone Pedestrian Street with Tram Tracks
  • Small Bluestone Pedestrian Street with Tram Tracks
  • Small Cobblestone Pedestrian Street with Tram Tracks
  • Large Sandstone Pedestrian Street with Tram Tracks
  • Large Bluestone Pedestrian Street with Tram Tracks
  • Large Cobblestone Pedestrian Street with Tram Tracks

Dev diariesEdit

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about Snowfall expansion and patches 1.3 and 1.3.X.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Prepare for Snowfall Announcement 2016-01-20
2 New Things on the Roads Snow ploughs and Trams 2016-01-27
3 Snow and Heating New Policies and dynamic electricity use 2016-02-03
4 New and Free Free content, new public transport UI and weather effects 2016-02-11
5 Theme Editor A new tool for modders and content creators 2016-02-16


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